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I came to writing novels at a mature age. It has enhanced my life beyond description. 

I don't have trouble devising plots and believe my characters are good. My most difficult problem is the art of good writing. Sentence structure and other things are huge problems for me, but not as much as six months ago. It's just a matter of hanging in there and learning.

Now retired, all my energies go into twelve hours a day of learning and writing. 

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Hi folks. It is now nearly four months since I have written and I will not recommence until I am sur…
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Hi folks. The adventure continues. If interested in my update, click the attached link.
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  •  · Well done, Robert. I'm impressed with your conviction and energy. 

I'm convinced at the moment, KT, that the email promotion sites are my best option (keeping in mind my dislike of social media). Thru trial and error I have at least found some that work for me. From my last effort on the 1st May I have recouped enough go again. That is a vast improvement over my past efforts. There are some sites I have not used and I can slip one or two of these into my next effort and build a profitable system.

Thanks KT. I've read much from both guys and they are super professional. Money to take their lessons is an issue which is a bugger. There's plenty of other advisers around but it always comes down to money. The cost of bids on both platforms is beyond ridiculous. During my last attempt on both I bid $1.50 per click to gain a response. The bids failed = outbid, so I've stepped away from that for now.

Hi, G. I have nothing against social media other than I don't understand them all and I can't be bothered with the chats and stuff. Yes the sites send emails to all their lists within the categories you nominate. You need to phrase your text so prospects know it's part of a series (I'll show you my efforts when you are ready, if you want). Some have promos for series and these are better than one of novel promos. Check out Freebooksy and Bookraid as they have been my best. Freebooksy has an offshoot called Bargain Booksy for paid = 99c usually. I didn't use Freebooksy last time as it was too expensive but I used it in Feb and it was good. I'm not reading novels at the moment and have not done so for many months. Still reading non-fiction. I walk a lot, love it, but when I get back from my walk I'm ready for beer, not writing.😎 

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Hi folks.


It is now nearly four months since I have written and I will not recommence until I am sure I feel competent to advertise without large financial losses. It’s been a long break away from writing and still, the desire has not returned. For those self-pubbing or thinking of, I provide a report on my advertising progress.


After my efforts on the first of Feb, I’ve hung back waiting to see how sales progressed and page reads continued thru my series. The results after 1 Feb showed a steep fall-off in sales within two weeks but the page reads continued for six weeks or so.

On the 1st of May, I spent $100 on email promotion sites, and again the sales were good for a short period. My page reads improved from the time before and still progress although beginning to tail off.

I have received income near the cost of my ads and expect by the end of this month, June, to have broken square. I may advertise again using the knowledge of past efforts and expect reasonable results. This tempts me to spend more.



I maintain a rating of 4.4 or so and reviews continue to arrive in good numbers, so this area does not concern me.


Results of my last ad spend:

Here I am very happy. Sales were good and the page reads better than ever. The page reads continued for all books even though now six weeks+ from the ads. I’d been hoping for that. Readers are moving through my whole series which lights my days and gives confidence my stories engage them well enough.


Blue is the 1st in the series, yellow the second, and red the third.

85% of the reads and sales came from the UK (buggered if I know why as I chose no specific email promotion sites based there.)


Other lessons:

The last adverting campaign enforced the lesson that 3 books are not enough, tho it is a good base from which to learn the ropes. I have progressed no farther with my next four-book series with one finished, one almost, and two drafted. I would speculate that were they finished when I did the last advertising campaign, sell-through would have given me a profit. That is a good reason to finish the second series and I’m working on a means to kick my own bum and fire up.


The immediate future:

Without a social media presence or a mailing list, there is little hope of commercial success so that stumps me. Both avenues are beyond my patience levels and I hate social media. I must try again to master Amazon ads and Bookbub. They are huge platforms and success on either would push me into decent sales and what I consider success.

There you go, Jeff, but I think Richards is much better than mine.

We've had these issues before, Susan. Clear your internet cache and it should be fine. You may wish to exclude your regular links.

Hi Susan. I studied the subject long and hard for my trilogy and then kept the backstory in the second book to a minimum. It worked for me and I've had no negative comments. Readers who enjoyed your first in series will continue on and know how it all nits together. From my position I can never understand why a second book in a trilogy needs to be written to stand alone = who would buy and read the second part of a series? I feel just enough to continue the theme and reinforce the main characters should be fine.

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Thanks Libby. I like the first cover and it's the style I'm looking for. The hanging man is actually a man tied to a tree but I couldn't find the correct image online, so I stuck it in as is just to get a view.

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Hi folks. I'm messing around with covers for my new series still. I've had a change of heart since I presented the last efforts here as I heard from a reliable source that less color is the in thing. Therefore, I have this model on that theme. My wish is you'll tell me your initial thought as to the first reaction you have. I know my name needs to be lighter and the text at the bottom is just a sample to test the siting. Love to hear from you. There are four books in the new series and I will run the theme through them all.


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