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I came to writing novels at a mature age. It has enhanced my life beyond description. 

I don't have trouble devising plots and believe my characters are good. My most difficult problem is the art of good writing. Sentence structure and other things are huge problems for me, but not as much as six months ago. It's just a matter of hanging in there and learning.

Now retired, all my energies go into twelve hours a day of learning and writing. 

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  •  · Well done, Robert. I'm impressed with your conviction and energy. 
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Hi folks. I've missed you lot. Busy as, but getting there. The books are finished, all bar number 3 …
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  •  · Thanks, Glyn. It seems those explosions have been voted down and I'll attend to that.

Gloating!? I need to build confidence as we're off to Pakistan and India. Can't see me 'gloating' too much about that.

Thanks, Lina. Yes, I'm over it now. I would never say, 'The Pommie cricketers aren't worth a nob of goat shit'. I'd say, 'Well, they just met a better team'. 😁 How that from a porky pig?😎 

Good work, Andrew. I checked your book site and the story sounds interesting, certainly a different twist on the old gods. It's similar to mine in that aspect. Good luck going forward. Your bound to get a few and it's a respected company. They start to arrive a week after your book goes out. Check them out = excellent. There's a lengthy delay for a date, but put your books name up for a start. What's the book's title?

Well said, K.T. I'll add a few comments from my experience. 800 is a great result over 2 years with little advertising, and your review count is large enough to show your writing as credible. Free promos I haven't tried. I went the whole hog with the paid ones and I've had wonderful selling days, but lost money. I expected that as I've read widely on the subject and taken advice from some experienced folk. Still sorting the good from the bad on that subject, though Jan 20 and 21 are the days which must produce the goods as they are my best effort = so cross fingers. With the covers, you are correct on using someone who knows the game. Problem is, they won't have read the books and need to be well briefed. My covers are professionally done, I love the look of them, but made a mistake with both the titles and what the image is supposed to portray. My designer hadn't read my three books and I loved the covers looks so much I went with them. Big mistake. They don't give a good enough view into the books contents. That's being remedied as and when I have the money. I've done no social media, I hate it, can't figure out which hash tags and all the rest. I'm no quitter, but in this I think I'm over it. But again, that service can be purchased. Amazon and BookBub ads have me stumped. I've run 32 test ads and done poorly at BookBub. Amazon has sold 22 books, which is okay for someone getting into the learning curve, but the traps with cost spring on the unwary. Yes, K.T., when it's out there getting hooked is easy. I haven't succeeded yet, but I'll get there eventually if studying, trying, and crying are the road to success. Don't feel alone in this, Debbie. Those of us who have run the first furlong fell into many traps and I'm sure will point them out if asked. If you avoid them life will be easier.

1. Go to 'Try the new KDP reports Beta' - click

2. Select 'Orders' - click

3 Select 'Choose a date - select 'Custom' then insert you dates.(you may get a choice saying 'lifetime'.

4. Select a title. (or leave it at All if you want the total of every books sales}


I'm not sure deciding to self-pub is a 'drastic decision', Ryan. Perhaps the rejection has nothing to do with the submission because it wasn't read, ended in a slush pile, treated with ignore, and past over without reasonable consideration.  Self-pub is an option and we're lucky it exists, but it's not for all.

Debbie, you do need a plan - I promise you that big time. However, if you can't be bothered with it all, just publish the book (super easy = true. Could do it in your sleep, I'll help you in my sleep if you wish) then find a pro to run the advertising and promos for you. The last one I looked at was Matthew Holmes, the husband of Lori Holmes the author. I received a detailed quote from him to do nearly everything. His retainer was $250 a month and a percentage of the income (you pay for the ads). He will probably tell you this, as will most, don't even think about it unless you have a series for flow on sales. Read his site and you'll get an idea. #tve-jump-17a8fab1a1d">

Hmm? My novels unfortunately include 'shruggers' and 'smilers' who have a tendency to walk instead of stroll or amble.😁  Easy to fix with the 'replace' function in Word. But, in novels of around 80000 words, which mine are, how many shrugs and smiles are okay without being noticeable? There are many words and short descriptions to handle the 'smiled' problem, with 'shrugged' it is not so. Any suggestions? It doesn't work to say, 'raised his shoulders in a jerky fashion.'😏 

Hi Holly. I hope your New Year has begun well. I wish to share information with my friends on JW but don't want it available to outsiders, or blog scanners. Without using messenger, can I do a general post to all on the 'peer to peer' without it being public? Thanks so much, Rob

Hmm... I liked that and recognized too many of the problems. 😁 One thing. What does this mean. '23: Don’t allow your fictional characters to speak in sentences. Unless you want them to sound fictional.' This obviously doesn't refer to dialogue = so? Love number 3 about the adverbs. I use one maybe every six chapters or so, and boy, do I notice them everywhere in other's writing. Filter words? Never heard of them.😎 

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