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Now Self-Edit Course Alum....feeling the writing bug more than ever. Writer of stuff.

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I seem to have lost access to all of the messages I've sent and received in townhouse. Has anyone else experienced this? I can't see my course mates' messages from threads we had created in messenger here.

The language surrounding publishing seems to be one of the last areas where transparency needs to seep in. Much like wine descriptions (oak, cherry and nuts with a hint of badger) I think genre is sometimes a harder thing to get your head around than it should be. There’s definitely a market out there for people willing to read manuscripts and tell you what your novel is.

Sounds like a monster plot. Is the comedy subtle or are there huge gaffs in the Tom Sharpe style? It definitely has the feel of a screenplay from what you’ve already said.

For me, living in Frome is a dream as we have the incredible Hunting Raven Books on Cheap Street. The staff are incredible and despite being quite small this shop has a fantastic range of titles. My daughter loves going in to look for something new to read and the shop champions local writers who have their own imprint. Frome is only Frome for me because of this gem. If you're in Somerset make sure you go and visit as they are lovely.image_transcoder.php?o=bx_froala_image&h=531&dpx=2&t=1627450059


I would echo some of the other comments, particularly the fact that a synopsis should give us the important arcs in the story and do it with far fewer words. Sharon and I both recently took the Self-Edit course and had to write ours in 150 words which really made us think about what we said and how we said it. 

A synopsis has to give spoilers too, so don't hold back with the details of major points and make sure they explain, efficiently, what happens in the novel.

The premise sounds nice. I like the fact that he doesn't get the girl in the end as it gives his learning curve a different spin and doesn't hang the success of his actions on the relationship. 

Right back at you Lynn. As we went from brief outline to chapter breakdowns and then extracts it was surreal how invested I became in characters like yours. The 'behind-the-curtain' view of novel writing is fascinating and thankfully don't detract from the joy of discovering new ideas and situations. We've got some editing to do....but I reckon I'll be reading about that house by the sea very soon.

It has to be one of the most incredible boosts an aspiring writer can get. Love the fact you're still in touch with course mates after all that time.

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I have just finished the Self Edit course run by Debi Alper and Emma Darwin.

I wanted to give an honest review. Don't get me wrong, I love Jericho and their incredible work, but I have to tell it like it is.



It's booked up way into 2022 already and I reserved my spot for June 2021 back in July 2020 and it was worth it. When I found out it was going to be all done online and text based (no Zoom chats) I felt a bit let-down. I wondered how on earth they were going to justify the price tag on the course. I'll admit it, I was sceptical. But as soon as it started and we got our first assignment everything started falling into place. The structure of the course is magic. It takes you through the steps needed to assess your work and become a better reader of other people's writing. 

I have grown as a writer (I didn't call myself a writer before the course) and now have 11 other writers I regularly check in on to ask questions and give my own thoughts when asked. It's the start of a fantastic bubble of fresh inspiration and energy, fuelled by the frenetic pace of the course, the incredibly detailed feedback and the encouragement of my course mates. I feel armed to the teeth with information that will help me ensure my shitty first draft will get as close as possible to where it needs to be before launching it at agents with a car deodoriser sellotaped to it to stop it from smelling too bad. I have firmed up things I had only read about in books, writerly things that made some sense but which I couldn't be sure I was doing right. Now I know.

If I make it to publication (and the course has made me believe it is possible) then I will be including acknowledgements that refer to this course and the people on it. I've gone from zero to hero in six weeks and feel unstoppable. If you haven't already looked into this course, do it. You may regret not checking it out because it's a hot ticket and places will go fast. I am in no way paid by Jericho Writers but I am willing to bet anyone here in Townhouse who has done the course will back up what I have said. 

Thank you Self Edit course. You rock.

Writing was always a joy when I was young, but then somehow, along the way I convinced myself that it wasn't a proper job. I've decided that it's worth a punt again.  During MY time as a TEFL teacher I thoroughly enjoyed teaching fake past tenses to diligent students who copied down 'swim, swam, swum / climb, clam, clum'

A quiet teacher seeks catharsis through urban terrorism, blackmail and arson.

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Hopefully there are people out there who have a slant towards comedy in their prose. We all find different things funny, so is it tougher to write comedy? Maybe this can be a space where we figure it out.

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