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  • 2006

I used to be a helicopter pilot, but retired after an accident put me in hospital for two months. Physically, I could still fly, teach, examine and so forth, but those months in hospital made me realize that, as much as I love helicopters, they are not the only fruit!

I always wrote madly, and still edit a helicopter magazine, but now I am concentrating more on fiction. I have just finished a novel, which one of JW’s editors is looking at, and I have a plan for another starting to take shape. The last novel took me 14 years to finish, so I need to slightly increase my speed!

I have a very bad habit! I like to plaster my writing with exclamation marks. My first husband told me I should only put them in where I think the content is funny (ironic maybe) what do you think? 

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I really enjoyed it and would definitely read more. I wasn’t put off by the information at the beginning and I think it is quite useful to know there is a child involved. Very interesting story, I do remember the real events and I imagine a lot of others will too.

I hope the 1-1 goes well.
See you in September.

Well done, Robert, sounds good as far as it goes.

What do you have against social media? Most people do not get trolled or insulted and it is a very good way of spreading the message. About half my promotion was through social media.

I was interested in your promotion emails: do they send out emails advertising your books straight into people’s emails?

When you say you have no desire to write anymore, do you still read? I find reading and walking inspire me and I can’t wait to get back from the walk to start writing again.

Contact the Jericho staff. They are very helpful with messaging issues. A lot of people have had problems with it.

Maybe instead of annoying you could use the word incessant or ceaseless, to give the idea of endless repetition without a judgement.

Julie is right. It is hard to know what the book is about. Is it ‘Mission Impossible’ …to fulfill this mission you must…


She needs to get rid of creepy creep to stop the end of the world, type thing.

Sounds fun though 

I agree. It should be such a learning experience, I really hope so.

Brilliant, congratulations and well deserved. They were superb stories 

I've written two in a series and am now on three. I didn't say much about the past in book two. I decided to let the reader look at the first one if he/she wants to know the backstory. I can't say how well it works as I've only just published the second one and only had one review so far.

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