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I used to be a helicopter pilot, but retired after an accident put me in hospital for two months. Physically, I could still fly, teach, examine and so forth, but those months in hospital made me realize that, as much as I love helicopters, they are not the only fruit!

I always wrote madly, and still edit a helicopter magazine, but now I am concentrating more on fiction. I have just finished a novel, which one of JW’s editors is looking at, and I have a plan for another starting to take shape. The last novel took me 14 years to finish, so I need to slightly increase my speed!

I have a very bad habit! I like to plaster my writing with exclamation marks. My first husband told me I should only put them in where I think the content is funny (ironic maybe) what do you think? 

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If you can create your own then yes wow, absolutely. Great fun and just what readers love. Sounds brilliant.

Good for you, Rosie. I have done the same but only 2 and I spent a day on each of them researching, as much as I could, what they like to read etc etc.  I decided to give myself a time limit, so if they have not replied in 6 weeks I will try 2 more. Meanwhile, I will look at the novel again and so forth, up to a maximum of 10 agents.

 After that I’m going to look at other avenues. 

There must be so many times when you accidentally use the same words as a song, without even having heard of it or the singer. I actually hadn’t heard of any of the singers/bands you mentioned. I have heard of Prince but only because of the name, I couldn’t mention a single song of his, and some of the words sounded like day to day phrases.

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I listened to Mariza, wonderful.Reminds me very much of the Spanish music I listen to which is very much poetry in music.

Strikes me that it depends what you want the book to be/do. If you are looking for a bestseller then you probably do need a traditional publisher for the marketing (unless you are very good at it, like some of those in the self pub month). If you just want a few readers with whom you can discuss your work and it is as good as you can make it, then I would self publish. I think you, like me, are not in your first water and you don’t want to die without seeing your work in print (forgive me if I assume too much!) For people like us Amazon, Smashwords and easy access to good editors of all types is a blessing. 

Having said that I am subbing the first book in my series but I’ve given myself a limit of 10 agents. I’m tired of jumping to the market’s tune, I’d rather see if I can create my own dance. We shall see!

The other problem with synopses is some agents want 500 words, other 1500, some want no more than a page of double line spacing. I understand every covering letter to an agent has to be completely personal, but it seems every synopsis is too.

Ah, but the coffee had come from South America, while the wine is only from France. The coffee has seen life in the raw. He supports his local friend.

I think they would share a dislike of the drinker. Let’s say a woman who just has the coffee to stop her getting too drunk! Que horribles 🤸‍♂️

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Very interesting review. I don't write history, unless the 1960s counts as history nowadays, but I think that review was pretty applicable all round.

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