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I used to be a helicopter pilot, but retired after an accident put me in hospital for two months. Physically, I could still fly, teach, examine and so forth, but those months in hospital made me realize that, as much as I love helicopters, they are not the only fruit!

I always wrote madly, and still edit a helicopter magazine, but now I am concentrating more on fiction. I have just finished a novel, which one of JW’s editors is looking at, and I have a plan for another starting to take shape. The last novel took me 14 years to finish, so I need to slightly increase my speed!

I have a very bad habit! I like to plaster my writing with exclamation marks. My first husband told me I should only put them in where I think the content is funny (ironic maybe) what do you think? 

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  •  · Brilliant, thanks Jane, I’ll send you the PDF on messenger.
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Even my cricket mad husband isn’t going to disagree with that one, he said the British team needs to get cricket coaching 😂🤪

I really like it, I thought the humor was terrific and the plot was good.

I loved that, so interesting. With the one star reviews, sometimes I wonder if they are having a bad day. I got a 3 star review and then, at the end, the reviewer said ‘I would recommend this book’. Er? 

I did the self publishing course with Gwyn and it is free and brilliant. She covers every aspect of how to put things up on Amazon. It is really helpful and she has notes with the important points at the end.

However, before you self publish why don’t you have an editor look at it. I had an editor who used to work for a major publishing house and had written several books. She was so helpful, she went through everything explaining how to make it better, and with her help I turned the book around. I know you’ve done a bit of this already but it might be worth trying one more unless you are perfectly happy you have achieved the best book you can.

After the editor and using Gwynn’s self publishing course I then self published and I’m very happy I did so.

And, according to Elon Musk, will soon become human. Argh what hope have we in this barren and nasty world… go forth and write young man!

I would shrug and say, somewhat lightly with a smile, do what seems right for your novel. If you follow rules to the letter you become AI. She ginned suggestively. 🤸‍♂️

Gosh, that is awful. Do you have any libraries? I’m not sure if you are in the UK, but if you are you can join the PLR public library scheme and every time your book is taken out of the library you get paid, not much but it builds up. 

Strikes me that the writer of the review does not have English as his first language since there are some fairly basic mistakes, for example ‘the writing means to drag’. Er! Given, that I wonder if he means racism in he way you are taking it, I suspect not.

Well done with the marketing. I’m starting another push in March. Meanwhile, I have to concentrate on helicopters!

I went to a local bookshop with The Mystery of the Lost Husbands and had a physical book launch which was really successful. The shop, One Tree Books, then put their bestseller list on Instagram and since I was top of the list for that week they sold another 10 books. They also got a mention in the local paper as I was a local author.

Marketing agencies may work but local things you can do yourself, and remember all the local places benefit too. The bookshop made a profit and the paper had an interesting article. Win win!🤪🥰

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