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Hi, I have been exploring your new website and went onto member resources to look up a webinar I mis…
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  •  · Hi Sarah, I discovered the Webinar Vid I'm searching for is actually from last year. Not sure if tho…
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Hi, So I was using a scene break in one of my short stories of a blank gap (I've seen books use this…
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  •  · With formality, one goes with status quo, tradition, connotation, morality. The saying goes, three i…
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Hi I finally decided to join Townhouse. I write fantasy and I'm currently working on a second novel …
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Added a comment to Just for fun 

Well mine comes out as: A riveting war epic about a wealthy adolescent's desire to grapple with their fear of spiders. :) So I guess Spider Wars or War & Arachnophobia or Spiderloo or The Spider has Landed. :P    

Oh yes. Definitely wanted to see lots. Also definitely want to come back as there is still so much to see and explore but I'd be happy to revisit all the places we went. My parents had four days of their round-the-world honeymoon trip there and it rained a lot. They visited Kelly Tarlton's so that was one of the reason's my Dad really wanted to revisit it while we were in Auckland. 

Lol I can see why you'd want to keep it a secret. :)

I am from a tiny hamlet called Shaw Mills, near the charming spa town of Harrogate in North Yorkshire, UK. It's very lovely round here too though not quite as mountainous. We have the beautiful Yorkshire Dales National park right on our doorstep and the Lake District is about an hour's drive. So while it's not NZ it is a nice place to live. :)

Great webinar. And the most inspiring place I've ever been:

New Zealand - The pinnacle of untouched beauty. :)

Hey, I love Auckland. It was beautiful. We spent about 3 days there exploring the city, the Sky Tower, Zoo and Kelly Tarlton's and various restaurants. Though I think I've mentioned this to you in another post, as well as Auckland, we visited Matamata, Rotorua, Christchurch, Akaroa, Greymouth, Fox Glacier and Queenstown (canoed the Dart River). We also lucked out on the weather. The sun seemed to follow us. :)

I write mostly fantasy but I have several naming methods. 

1. I play around with real names and vary the spelling or I just make up lots of words until I find one that sounds like a good name.

2. I use my parents Baby Name book they got and look through it to find either less common names or names where the meaning might have something to do with the character.

3. I watch the credits of films and make a note of interesting first names and surnames to maybe combine later. 

4. I also look at the spines of books in mine, parents, grandparents and other peoples libraries (some of those National Trust property libraries have very interesting books). The older the better often and take part of the authors name. I found my protagonist's love interest's surname from a old book in my Grandparents' cabinet library in their sun room.

5. I google uncommon names. There are plenty of sites that have lists for giving your baby an unusual name. Nameberry is quite good.

6. I occasionally create a naming convention/rule and I use it for all my names.

7. I look at Latin names and use a variation. (Sometimes works for naming creatures)

Those are some of the ways I generate names of characters. There are also some names I won't use because they relate to closely to someone I know etc. :)

Auckland is a gorgeous city! I loved it when I went to NZ. Also been to Matamata, Rotorua, Christchurch, Akaroa, Greymouth, Fox Glacier and Queenstown. Stunningly beautiful country. :)


Wasn't me. Not sure who did that. Directions from me to point 29? 

I worked in a pub in Killinghall. It always sounds an ominous place. Around me we also have Bedlam and Cut Throat Lane. But yes there are many lovely places. Grassington, Bishop Thornton, Ripley, Markington, Burnt Yates, Glasshouses, Pateley Bridge, Fountains Abby and Brimham Rocks, Crambe, Malton, Thornton-le-Dale, Hutton-le-Hole, Osmotherley, goes on and on. :)

Awesome. I know Birstwith well, has a lovely pub. I used to ride a friend's horses nr there. It's a beautiful area. :)

I find trailer music is very helpful for getting the right emotions for certain scenes. Two Steps From Hell, Epic Score, Audiomachine, Really Slow Motion all good places to start with Trailer music.

Yes, in answer to your question, I do imagine it as film or tv series. The whole story plays through my head like a film. I can see all the characters and the world and the story in my mind very clearly. :)

Hmm, how do I start my at the beginning lol. I like to write the story from start to finish. I usually have told myself the whole story in my head first. Then I make notes, do a few character profiles (though not always) and a little research if needed. Then I start. Sometimes though I have a story complete in my head and I just copy it straight down.

My ideas come from anywhere and everywhere. Films, TV, Books, Music, Nature, what ifs, dreams, objects...literally I can find anything can inspire a plot idea. If I'm already writing a book then I'll open a word.doc or phone notes or a notebook and make a load of notes on the info I've got on the new plot. Come back to it later. Usually I have developed it or worked it a little in my mind first. 

Some stories are more demanding and want to be written immediately. Notes don't always work for them. 

Although I usually have the complete story in my head I do get some bits that will come much later. I also do get some plot developments for stories while listening to music (Trailer Music is good for seeing your story in your mind's eye). Sometimes while telling myself stories I'll come up with something that I know will go well with a certain plot. I do like to constantly run through the story and scenes in my mind a lot. I find it keeps it fresh and occasionally adds new things. :)

Added myself, so far I'm the furthest North. :)

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