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Long time daydreamer, new to serious writing. Fitting it in in fits and starts around the day job and 2 children. Various long term ideas still in very early stages of actual writing. Range from picture books, through middle grade to YA. (I've always been indecisive!)


RJ. I’ve just come across this and I think it is really good. I know you’ve moved on from it for now but don’t ditch it because it is really authentic. I imagine you have a huge mine of experiences from the work you did that will make for some fascinating stories. 

Hi Anjilize. You’ll love it here. Everyone is very friendly and helpful. There is always someone to talk to and the cake is good.

It all depends entirely on the character. “a 14 year old afro-caribbean heritage youth” is a person. He may be someone who has heard it all before and isn’t in the least phased by it. He may be someone who has had serious racist attacks against him and gets really angry about it. He may be a delicate type who gets really upset about it and loses his self confidence. You need to know him as a person so you can decide how he would react. 

I love the word gobbledegookery! Well done on the long list

Congratulations. A lovely walk in the woods followed by wine and a takeaway sounds like the perfect lockdown celebration! I’m sure you could find some wine with bubbles in it. 🍾😀

I am having the same issue Steve. Whatever link I click I just get told I don’t have access as that content is only for logged in members even though I am a logged in member. I also panicked because I couldn’t find a link to Townhouse at all. I had to come here separately via Google. I expect the tech people will iron it all out soon. 

congratulations Ben. I’ve had a sneak peek and it looks good. I’m intrigued that amazon calls it “reading age 2 and above”. Seems a bit heavy going for a 3 year old! Does amazon dump its own labels on you without giving you a choice?

I have had lots of those. It isn’t bad news. You would never have got it if you hadn’t written a story in the first place. This is a stepping stone to success! (That’s what I keep telling myself anyway.) Have some chocolate with your cuppa and it will all feel better. 

Didn’t get a lot done in March. The day job was busy. Just had a few days off over Easter and managed to visit family which was fab after so long apart. This month I am “resting” my work in progress whilst I decide whether to rewrite it or just use it as a learning exercise. I had almost decided the latter but then I got another very encouraging and personal “no” from an agent this morning so now I’m dithering again. In the meantime I’ve found something I wrote ages ago which might have potential so I’m going to dust it off and play with it and see if I can turn it into a proper story. Good luck everyone with your goals. 

Hi Allison. Welcome to townhouse. You can dip in and out of any groups and have a look who’s there. Everyone is very friendly. 

Quite agree Patience. Life is not fair. I have read a few published books that are utter drivel. I guess part is down to the skill of writing but part is down to right place right time and the subjective opinions of specific people. It is the same for any art form. How many buskers have you heard who are way more talented than “artists” who are out there earning millions? 

It isn’t plagiarism because you are mentioning the author so you definitely are not passing it off as your own. If it is relevant to your story because the characters are influenced by a particular well known book, I see no reason not to use it. 

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