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Long time daydreamer, new to serious writing. Fitting it in in fits and starts around the day job and 2 children. Various long term ideas still in very early stages of actual writing. Range from picture books, through middle grade to YA. (I've always been indecisive!)

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Hello lovely people. I posted this in the children’s group but I don’t think many people look at the…
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I’m glad you’ve spoken up for the middle ground. There are lots of occasions where sitting on the fence is actually more sensible than rigidly sticking to one side of it. I fell into the trap when I first started writing of listening to the “show don’t tell” mantra as if telling was a cardinal sin. The consequence was writing that my primary school English teacher would have gushed over and given gold stars for. Unfortunately primary school English teachers don’t give gold stars for decent grown up writing. Now that I’ve allowed myself to read stuff back as if I’d paid for it in a book shop rather than as Miss Tennant would have marked it I can lose all that fluff and make it actually make sense (hopefully!)

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M. Welcome. You are very much not alone in this boat! Most of my friends and family have no idea that I’m trying to write and those who do say nice things to humour me whilst actually thinking it’s pie in the sky. Probably my own fault for being full of self doubt and believing it’s pie in the sky too! That is what is so lovely about Jericho. People here accept me as A Writer and even though I am at the start of this journey the advice is never patronising. I have learned so much since joining. Slowly but surely I am starting to believe I can actually do this. You can too. Good luck. 

It is so true how powerful the narrative can be. Just been reading stories of how people in Ukraine are not believed by relatives in Russia who have been fed the Putin alternative reality on their tv news. I am always fascinated by people and how suggestible we are. However rational we think we are and how objective we think we are, we are so often influenced by whatever narrative we have been fed. Even in small matters we tend to side with the person who gives the best story of their point of view or sometimes even the first one to get to us as then the alternative point is listened to in a more biased way. All food for thought. I hope we can all keep our eyes open to the truth and keep on telling the stories that matter. Slava Ukraini.

I’m on lager tonight. It seems the lounge (and all the other groups) have become a bit less used since the website update. Everything just seems to appear on the home page now as a random mass of unlinked information. I tend to just look at my notifications. 

I wouldn’t have thought you should cut out addiction. People relate to stories with realistic characters and real people have all manner of issues including addiction. If we cut out all the interesting parts of people because they have been used before then there will be very little left! I guess the important thing is to make it a part of your character but not her sole defining feature. If you come at it from your own unique angle then why shouldn’t it sell?

We are still all proud of you for getting so far. And remember all the most famous writers had any number of rejections under their belt before someone out there recognised how good they were. We all know you are a star. Keep shining 🌟

Wow that is fantastic. I’m a bit miffed because I went to pop into my local Waterstones the other day only to discover it is now some trendy clothes shop! I do love that cover, it’s brilliant.

Whoop whoop! How could they possibly not like it? It’s about a chicken! Seriously really chuffed for you. You deserve this.

The film A Beautiful Mind did the same and it worked really well as I recall

I do hope that one day your kids will realise what a fantastic childhood you are giving them! I  love your blogs about them. It is true that time with children can really inspire us as writers. Their enthusiasm, honesty and sometimes plain loopiness is something we all need to find in ourselves to tell a good story. We have to lose our “grown up” inhibitions and disbelief to let our imaginations really work. 

I’d forgotten those Jackson and Livingstone ones. I had those too, they we great fun.

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