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Long time daydreamer, new to serious writing. Fitting it in in fits and starts around the day job and 2 children. Various long term ideas still in very early stages of actual writing. Range from picture books, through middle grade to YA. (I've always been indecisive!)


I need to get better at this reading business. I always use “ because that’s what we were taught in school. I can’t say I have ever even noticed whether books I read use ‘ or “. Does that mean that readers don’t actually care or is it just me?

Welcome to Townhouse Alex. Lots of creative people here. 😀

There is a forum section called peer to peer critiques (or something like that) where people post stories or extracts and yes, we tend to chat in coffee and cake.

Welcome Jo. If you click the 3 lines in the top left you will get a menu which includes “groups” and “forums”. It seems a bit hit and miss as to whether anyone sees your posts in these places but the website is undergoing some changes so hopefully all will become clearer at some point. I find the easiest way to see and share stuff is to befriend people in the group of interest because then you will get notified of each other’s posts. I am a complete tech muppet so somebody cleverer than me will probably give you a more useful answer! The childrens group has everyone from picture books to YA and there is also a sci fi and fantasy group and a fairy tales group.

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Everybody seems very excited that football’s coming home. I’m not sure where from. Personally I agree with this quote:  “I have nothing against football. It just seems very wasteful losing 2 hours of my life to watch 22 millionaires on TV chasing a bag of wind in their underwear.” – Guy Martin. But if it makes other folks happy then I’m happy too. 

Other reasons to be happy: It’s Friday night, my son is old enough to cook dinner (and he did!), the wine is open, there is always the lovely Townhouse to visit, Winnie the Pooh. 😀

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Well done Nichelle. Sounds like you have every reason to be happy.

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Hi Christine. Well done on putting your book up there. It is a tough thing to do especially when it is a subject so personal to you. I am afraid that I have to agree with Catherine about the description of the doctor. Neither her ethnicity nor her body shape have the slightest relevance so why mention them? If she was white and of average build would you have mentioned that? 

There are lots of people here much more skilled in the art of writing than me so I will leave them to give you a proper critique. It would be great to have a personal story about the battle with a misunderstood illness published. I suspect that making it into a readable book will be quite difficult. I think that Catherine’s point about paragraph breaks would be a good start. I wish you good luck with it. 

Good luck Holly. I hope it all goes smoothly. I’m sure it will, having seen how well you juggle things! 

I'm with Georgina and Edward. This is really good as a reader. I am not as clever a writer as Jon or Janet so I'll leave the advice to them. 

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