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Hi gang! As per our event this week on building an author website, I thought we could start a thread…
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  •  · Hey there, Wanted to let people know about CC Gimartin's website:You can download a FREE copy of the…
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This month, our events programme covers writing and editing. We'll be getting into the minutiae of s…
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  •  · Commas, those horrible things. What is the proper use from them in writing fiction? It is better to …
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Calling Children's and YA authors! I have an exciting opportunity for the members among you. On Satu…
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  •  · Is there actually a difference between writing dialogue in childrens/YA books and writing dialogue i…

Hi all,

Me again, here to tell you that York Festival of Writing tickets are on sale. We've got some really exciting sessions planned, and I can EXCLUSIVELY give you a peek into some titles... Using History to Inform Fiction, Structuring a Memoir, Mastering The Unlikeable Character, The Quick And Dirty First Draft, How to Build a Bestseller and one I'm VERY excited for: Make Your Characters Eat Something. These are just a few of 70+ one and two hour workshops, as well as mini-courses we have on offer during the weekend.

Now, I'm feeling a bit nervous about a big in-person event, and you may well be too. It's a big deal after so many months watching things online or at a distance. I've factored in half an hour between each session where you can get some fresh air or grab a cuppa. I've also factored in lots of time on the Saturday afternoon to unwind after an intense day before the gala dinner. Through the weekend there will be a quiet reading/writing/bookshop area where you can chill if it all feels a bit too much. For those who love a stretch in the morning, there will be daily yoga and meditation sessions to get you in a good headspace and ready for the day.

I'll be here all afternoon if you'd like to ask any questions about the Festival :)

Anna xx

Hi all! 

We had a great member event last week with Cristina Fuentes (Hay) and Catherine Riley (Primadonna) about literary festivals (watch replay here).

Catherine has kindly given Jericho Members a discount to their Primadonna Prize awards ceremony in London on 31 March. Here is the link and I hope to see some of you there.

Happy writing!

A xx


We’re delighted that award-winning author and advocate for working-class writers, Kit De Waal, is our first Writer in Residence. We will be offering one free place at the York Festival of Writing to a UK-based carer in her name. 

To apply, you’ll need the first 500 words of your writing project, along with information about your caring responsibilities and what impact winning this bursary will have on you and your writing.

The bursary is open from 27 May – 24 June 2022.

In my WIP – rom com – the love interest is doing a night course in psychology. I never really thought about it but it contributes to the way she interacts with my MC who is suffering with grief and substance misuse. 

Isn't it so true? One of my oldest friends recently moved back to Brighton and we spend a lot of time together reminiscing about the past – what she remembers and what I do are SO different... it can feel almost scary and make you doubt yourself. It's such a good thing to think about in our writing – for both fiction and non-fiction. I'm glad you enjoyed it, Maggie. Thanks so much for coming!

Why don't you listen to them on audiobook? Use a different bit of your brain? Debi is a wonder, isn't she? Is the SE course as wonderful as we hear? 

Hi Patti,

This is SUCH a good question and very relevant. I'd suggest you watch Naomi Ishiguro's webinar on Writing What You Don't Know. It definitely helped my clarify my thinking on the matter. 

I think as long as your'e sensitive, honest and do your research, you can't go too wrong. It's when people are a bit shady about their experiences that there is backlash. Have a look at this article, which states that: 'Cummins had written a story that was not hers — and, according to many readers of color, she didn’t do a very good job of it. In fact, she seemed to fetishize the pain of her characters at the expense of treating them as real human beings.' She also said that she 'wished someone browner than me would write it.'

To fetishise, stereotype and make frankly insulting remarks is what landed her in people's bad books.

The thing is that native Mexican refugees have written these books, they just didn't receive the advance, media attention or money for it! 

I'm not sure if that really gets to the bottom of anything, but hopefully gives a bit more scope for thinking on the matter!

A xx

Hey Liz, thank you! It felt like a real honour. I've loved her books for years. I think that if your book is anything like her's in theme or scope, you're on to a winner. Also, yes, CRACK ON! I'd love to read it someday x

It'll be my first, too! It feels like we're all in it together which is nice :) 

Hey Mark, this isn't the only report I've heard. You have my word that you'll be able to go to whichever session you'd like to, so don't worry about that! We're putting pressure on our developers to fix this! Do drop Elsie a line via so she can log your case. A x

Hey Roger! This sounds really exciting! Tell me more about the book, is it part of a series? 

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