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This month, our events programme covers writing and editing. We'll be getting into the minutiae of s…
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  •  · Commas, those horrible things. What is the proper use from them in writing fiction? It is better to …
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Calling Children's and YA authors! I have an exciting opportunity for the members among you. On Satu…
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  •  · Is there actually a difference between writing dialogue in childrens/YA books and writing dialogue i…

And I can confirm (with HUGE excitement) that the SFoW will go ahead as usual as well as the person Festival this year. The SFoW will be free to members and absolutely wonderful. We already have some amazing people lined up ;)


After Kathy Fish's webinar, we'd love to hear your Flash Fiction...

I'd love to know how she starts to structure her essays. Does she plan and 'plot' them? A x

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On our Members Zoom Call yesterday, I promised to put together a list of great independent publishers. I am a huge advocate for independent publishing (I do not mean self-publishing of hybrid publishing when I say independent, although I do like some of them too). By independent, I mean smaller outfits that can take risks on books that bigger publishers may not be able to. A few things to note are that advances will often be smaller and although often you can send submissions directly, independent publishers often open submission windows rather than have them open all year around. It also goes without saying that they rarely have the budgets of bigger publishing houses. However, it's often a much more collaborative, personal experience and can ultimately lead to long and fruitful working relationships.

This list by no means covers all of them, but here are a few to get started with. If you find more when researching, pop them in the comments below!






Legend Press

And Other Stories


Neem Tree

Myriad Editions

Cipher Press

Fledgling Press



Salt Publishing 

Tilted Axis 

Comma Press

Speculative Press

Galley Beggar Press 

Fitzcarraldo Editions 

Peepal Tree Press

Bluemoose Books

Pushkin Press

Dodo Ink

Joffe Books 

Penned In The Margins 

Biteback Publishing

The 87 Press

Birlinn Ltd

Boiler House Press

Boldwood Books

Dahlia Books

Daunt Books

Epoque Press

Hera Books

Head of Zeus 

Linen Press

Nine Arches Press

I'd love to know about the difference in process when writing a novel and short stories... is one easier?

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This month, our events programme covers writing and editing. We'll be getting into the minutiae of sentences and diving deep into the craft of writing. On November 15th, I'll be in conversation with Lynne Truss, author of Eats, Shoots & Leaves: The Zero Tolerance Approach to Punctuation, and the wonderful Drew will be speaking to Benjamin Dreyer, author of Dreyer’s English: An Utterly Correct Guide to Clarity and Style... and we'd like your questions!

Comment on this post with anything you'd like us to put to these fab writers and gurus in craft.

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Calling Children's and YA authors! I have an exciting opportunity for the members among you. On Saturday we're hosting an event on writing direct speech in children's books where you can have the opportunity to have your dialogue workshopped live! Here is some more information:

It's ok to write ‘said’ – it’s what they actually say that’s important. Explore how to bring children’s book characters and scenes to life with authentic, engaging and entertaining dialogue with author Zoe Antoniades.

Workshop scenes from Zoe’s twintastic series Cally & Jimmy as well as having the opportunity to develop your own. In advance of the workshop, participants are invited to submit a sample of work (some of which might be shared during the session). Write a scene between two characters where a problem or conflict occurs and they try to solve it.

During the workshop, Zoe will share and unpack some of her own examples from funny fiction for children, but participants’ submissions can be for any children’s genre of their choice – adventure, fantasy, ghost story, sci-fi, crime, superhero, spy story… email her at

So, what are you waiting for? Even if you can't watch the event live, you can watch it on catch up and see what this award-winning author would suggest to make your work pitch perfect!

Anna xx

Aw, so glad you enjoyed it! I love the way she is so clear, composed and practical! Replay is up x

Hi Libby! After half an hour it doesn't let you in I'm afraid! Replay going up now for you x

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