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Aw, so glad you enjoyed it! I love the way she is so clear, composed and practical! Replay is up x

Hi Libby! After half an hour it doesn't let you in I'm afraid! Replay going up now for you x

Lest we forget that Rowling kept her franchise/merch rights and made a killing... i guess this is book dependent but I'll see if I can find someone who knows :) 

Yes, re Tax but I need someone to give me a hand with that as i do't pay tax as a writer... yet! 

Re events: Basically, are they worth doing? Should you do everything you're asked to do even if it's unpaid?... what can you expect form being invited to a different county to speak at an event for example. A lot of authors have different views on this, so it'll be a good debate.

See you on Saturday!

Ah, yes, that's a good one. So variable! I've seen people spend £300 and I've seen people spend £3,000. Depends what you're doing yourself what you're paying someone to do and if you're counting your time as money. I'll bring that up :)

Publishing and money!

At Jericho, we're passionate about transparency and empowerment and we all know that knowledge is power. After a few interesting conversations and some great user feedback, I'm going to book in a member event over the summer on money in publishing. I'd like to try something different out here and hear what you'd like to know about first, before I book the event.

On my list so far: Royalties, paying tax, advances, events, publishing salaries etc.

What else would you like us to cover? I'd love to know.

Ps. We have one on tackling legal issues in your book coming up, so will do that separately

Hi Jon! You're right, these covers are on the money for the genre. You're so right re illustration/design. The amount of times authors say 'my child/niece/nephew etc has drawn a picture I'd like to include on the front...'! Are you still working in visual arts?

Hi Janet, thanks for coming! It was a pleasure as always. It's a really tricky one re evaluating as everyone is at different stages all the time and often starting new and different projects. I'll have a think about the best way to gather this sort of information. It could even be worth adding 'This will be helpful for...' on the registration page.

Hi Alisa! Thank you so much for coming and for the feedback. I'm certainly learning a lot too. The City of Bones cover is so evocative! Really powerful. What are you working on?

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