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Hello! I'm editing my 100K novel and enjoying being part of a like-minded group. Time to get back to it...


I chose to do nanowrimo as a way to get that first draft out quickly (I typically get caught up in editing as I write). Breaking that habit is tougher than I imagined. But, I'm glad to see the results of sticking to a daily word count. There are definitely takeaways in this experience.

That's great news! Congratulations!

I'm hitting the daily word count but still struggling over editing my work. I'd really like to come away from this not so deeply entrenched in my process/comfort zone. Anyway, it's a fun experiment.

Hi Claire! Welcome! I have no recommendations but I'm reading comments by others and taking notes. Discovering Jericho has been a real gift during the pandemic, I'm glad you're here with us. Your work sounds intriguing; I write gothic, too,  but fantasy.

I agree with Gwenhyver, your work does sound interesting and quite original. I also think The Knowledge of Chaos Series sounds better. Looking over your description, Chaos Magic might also apply.

You've created a vivid world and your seanicorns are original and lovable. Thanks for sharing. Keep at it!

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This is great -- and very exciting! 

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