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Hello! I'm editing my 100K novel and enjoying being part of a like-minded group. Time to get back to it...


Hi Katharine. I joined during lockdown and Jericho really helped me focus during overwhelming days. I write upmarket fantasy. Welcome! 

This is thrilling! Your books look beautiful. Congratulations!

Exciting! Glad to hear I won't be alone! I'll be flying from Savannah, GA to attend. Looking forward to meeting up.

Thank you, Anna, good information. I'm excited about the festival and have already bought a ticket. It's six months away and I plan to take advantage of all possible options to stay healthy.

Do any of you have experience with the BPA Blue Pencil Agency First Novel competition? I'm trying to determine whether it's a valid competition or simply a money-maker for the agency. If you have insights, please share! Thank you.

Congratulations! I agree with Jane, this does look exciting!

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