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A father of three and grandfather to a few.

I live in north Wales surrounded by megalithic tombs and henge monuments. These are the main focus of my current writing.

At heart I'm just a story-teller.

By profession I am a cartographer.

By obsession I'm a frame drummer.

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My first novel, so unsure about the effectiveness of my pitch. Narrowed it down to two possibilities…
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  •  · Good luck, Alan. Hope the fickle gods smile on you.

The first book, ‘The Girl in the Cage’ is complete and ready to send to an agent, as is the second, ‘Wolf Revenge’. Book three, ‘Midwinter Sunrise’ is in progress.

Synopsis written, agent letter drafted.   It’s in the lap of the Gods now!

A lot has happened since my last post. Thank you for all your previous comments on the elevator pitch for my upcoming trilogy ‘The Dragon Child’. I have finally zeroed in on:-

A girl who thinks she’s an animal, meets a girl who is.   Together they change the fate of two opposing worlds.

Books one and two are finished and book three is in progress.

It is set among the tribes of north Wales at the end of the Stone Age. The main character is a disfigured Neolithic heroine. At the tender age of five years old she has no idea who she is or where she comes from, having spent all her life, so far, in a cage.

But the Goddess has a plan, though why she chose a malformed five year old girl to fulfil it is beyond human understanding.

changed a profile cover 

Hello all. It’s a long time since I last posted to let you know how I’ve been getting on. I got a bit lost in drafts, re-drafts, story edits, line edits and all the stuff that goes into getting a book out there.  But now the Elevator pitch is written, the agent letter drafted and the synopsis outlined. Now to find an agent.
This is a draft cover for the first book in my forthcoming trilogy, ‘The Dragon Child‘. This volume is called ‘The Girl in the Cage’. Volume two ‘Wolf Revenge‘ is ready too. Volume three ‘Midwinter Sunrise’ is in progress.

How is everyone else getting on?
Alan Drwm.

Wow! Delighted that you are about to let the world see what you have written.  Your title is intriguing. My problem with writing a book is that I'm a storyteller myself.  I've found that the spoken word and the written word don't easily translate from one to the other.  Let me know who the publisher is and I'll certainly buy a copy. Keep me posted. 

Alan Drwm

Hi Lynn, good to hear from you.

The option to self publish is on the back burner until I see how my agent submissions go.  If I get repeated rejections then I will look for alternatives.  My story though has some publishing disadvantages that agents and publishers might find daunting.  Firstly it is very long, some 240,000 words whereas the recommended length for a first time author is in the region of 80,000 to 100,000. Secondly it covers an era that not many people are interested in, the late Neolithic.  Bronze age waring tribes and metal weaponry are far more de rigueur these days.  But this is a story that my head demanded that I write. I live in the area where most of it is set, surrounded by neolithic tombs and henges.

The book cover I have worked on is just a trial. The pattered symbol across the front and back is the Token Stone of the title. A real book cover designer will obviously come up with something better, but these are the elements I would like it to include.

If all else fails I'll self publish a few copies and give them to my grandkids as something their granddad did.

Bye for now.  Alan Drwm

Thanks Carol. It's out with agent enquires now.  Time to concentrate on the next two parts of the trilogy. 

What are you working on?

Thanks for your response.  Now Im in a bit of a quandary. I began to think that the 'two races, two species' pitch was a bit too sci-fi when in fact this is quite small element of the epic. So I took another tack and changed it to " A dark yet compelling tale of a disfigured child's survival in an age where to be different means death."  

However there is suddenly a positive response to " A girl who is the product of two races meets a girl who is the product of two species."

You never can tell. 

The sequel is well under way so I'm concentrating on that now.

My novel TOKEN STONE -The Girl in the Cage, is the first part of a trilogy set in the last days of the Neolithic, about 2500BC. Where I live is surrounded by their tombs and monuments.

Hi Kate. thanks for your kind thoughts.  I have spent the last few month just sitting quietly with the finished manuscript and mulling over how to present it to agents. In doing so I was surprised to discover that I didn't really know what it was about. It was written in a stream of consciousness with an ending firmly in mind but no plan as to what was going to happen in the process. So it just evolved into an epic adventure.  Now that I've had time to take stock I have a good feeling about how it has worked out.

In the light of my musings I have written a new elevator pitch that better describes the core of the story.

'A dark yet compelling tale of a disfigured child's survival in an age where to be different means death'

Submitted it to a few agents yesterday. All I can do now is wait.  And get on writing the sequel.

Happy days.

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