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I worked for most of my life as a freelance Training consultant in management. Having now chosen to retire from this profession, I now have more time to indulge my passion for writing. I recently had an illustrated children’s book published on Amazon ‘Milly, Molly and Fat Cat’ and I have finished my second manuscript, now editing ‘Archie and the Witch‘s Spell’ looking for an agent! 

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Just had a great one to one. very encouraging, just what I needed. 
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  •  · Thanks Danny. That’s encouraging just what I need on a soggy Friday! 
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Hi Dave,

just wondering how you were doing? Any luck with publishing yet?

Lorraine at the moment I’m a bit busy but if you want to email it to me I can take a quick look? 

I’m still working on Archie, which may become Archina! Also working on another book Tommy Bee (working title). Hope all is well. X

No Lorraine she’s a separate company Called The Writing Coach. Time difference might be an issue although all her stuff is on catch up but very motivating To work with a group again. 

Thanks Sarah that’s really useful information. I would love to get my book published via the traditional route but no luck so far. 

Thanks Danny. I have a friend who has a business called the writing coach. She is quoting me for a thorough edit so hopefully I’ll be in the right place to self publish.

I’m reading his book at the moment, Richard Osman, someone bought it for me. I liked the start but half way through I’m getting bored with his style. 

very interesting comments. Thank you all.

Thanks Georgina. Yes I will do that. How did you find your edito?

Thank you all for your responses and help. I think another assessment is a good idea so that I can put my best work out there when and if I go down the self publishing route.

Thanks Rob, will take a look.

Thanks David. Yes I’d be very interested to hear how you get on. Did you find the illustrator independently or were they recommended? 

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