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An American woman living in London and finding her voice through writing.  I'm originally from New Jersey and love reading, watching sports, languages and listening to other people's stories.  My writing ideas seem to bend between inspiring for women and girls along with fiction (historical and crime or both).  I love the writing of Diana Gabaldon, Janet Evanovich, Charlaine Harris and JK Rowling.  I find that there is so much inspiration in our daily lives and anything can be a story.  I think of the Neverending Story when I write and think that we're truly lucky to help give birth to characters and share them with the world.  Instagram: NJRugbyGirl, Twitter: NJRugbyGrl, Facebook: Brigitte Cirilli

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Hey everyone, I received an emaiil from ProWriting Aid that they're having another Writing Week, but…
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Hello everyone.I hope that you're having an absolutely lovely weekend or day whenever you're reading…
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Did anyone else get this offer from Novel Factory? It looks like it's pretty good for $49. https://i…
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  •  · That's the tool I used to write my first book. 
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Hello all. I'm not sure if there is a group/forum about this and not been able to find any. I was wo…
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  •  · This is a great idea, Brigitte! Thank you!I saw other messages here with resourses, articles, compet…
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Hey everyone. I received a notification from Pro Writing Aid that they're having a fantasy writer's …
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  •  · They did this last year, too. Worth dipping in to it, and the have a nice line up this year too.
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I was wondering what people prefer. Waterstones is advertising a sale and all of the books seem to b…
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  •  · He should! In Britain there's a company called Serious Readers who sell lectern-shaped reading stand…
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Hey everyone, 

I received an emaiil from ProWriting Aid that they're having another Writing Week, but this one is on Crime. It's from June 20-24, 2022. Here is the link to sign up if you're interested:

Happy writing


I enjoy historical fiction and have read a violent attack on a woman in the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon & also have my MSc in Psychology. I'd be happy to read it for you. Who is your target audience? There could be women that have been abused and this could trigger them, especially since trauma seems to be bubbling up to the fore now. My advice would be overly graphic isn't always necessary. I would also google how other authors have handled it. Just did a quick google of "r scene historical fiction" (with the r word spelled out) & there are quite a few results that came up. 

Happy to do a swap (although mine is chick lit) but also happy to read yours and give you feedback. Could do it easily over the next few days.

I've heard of the Novel Factory. I've just checked that they have their own YouTube. There are also YouTubes comparing different writing softwares. I have Scrivener & ProWritingAid premium. I like both of these and am tempted by some other software. Personally, I don't like buying software that I need to pay a subscription to instead of buying it outright. I don't know why but I worry about losing everything! It's just my preference. There is also Fictionary and Plottr which I've looked at. Scrivener is not an editor though as I consider ProWritingAid does that. On the other hand, I'm not a super user of Scrivener so there could be lots of potential that I've not figured out yet!

They do it a few times a year. November is NaNoWriMo. They have a few over the summer where they call it 'camp'. So just like kids go to camp, we are too.

Mine went meh... Would anyone be interested in doing writing sprints over the weekend? Either on hangouts, zoom, skype or whatever?

You know that you can backdate on the NaNo site right? Under progress updates. Select the + and you can select the date & put in the total number of words. You can guess the dates that you did it if you want to see the tracking. Hope is never lost.

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Hello everyone.

I hope that you're having an absolutely lovely weekend or day whenever you're reading this. My question is for the reader inside all of us. I have a ton of paperbacks that I've not read & realised that I really enjoy reading in bed while laying on my side. Obviously, much easier to read a kindle in that position. But, I've discovered that there are book holders, book seats, book couches...that can hold the book open for you while reading. 

Has anyone purchased any of these? Any that you think are great?

Thing or thingie is one of my favourite substitutes. The person who did the thing. The person who felt the thing. The thing that led to the other thing... All have been used in every day life.

Hi Anna Burtt | Head of Events | Jericho Writers This isn't a question about pitches but about notifications in Townhouse. I was notified of this post because I received a notification that someone liked it. What's the best way to get notified by the team members of JW? Should we follow them or add them as friends to make sure we know what's happening?

Geoff Timms you don't have to do it... Lol. I'm going to be editing & re-drafting. I like the accountability of having a goal, working with others and getting it done. Hush now... every month is a good month to be writing!

I don't think it was a WebinarJam issue. The error message that we received was the host didn't show up. That means that no one with admin authority logged in. Maybe they recorded it earlier and didn't want us to know. End result is that I'm not pleased.

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