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Novel number two is underway: Lo Boièr (The Shepherd's Song) -- a magical realism indulgence into the sensuality of colour and sound.

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  •  · Thanks very much, I'll have a play around and see what looks right. :)
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These are just so much better! I would pick these up, whereas I probably wouldn't have with the previous lot. I'm not sure the pendant needs to hook in, it looks great with your name. I do sort of like it hooked in, but not quite sure. Just an idea, you might want to differentiate the colours between books two and three a little more. 

Congratulations! I'm sorry I missed it. Hope the Q and A went well?

Now I've got HG Wells on a different part of my novel. If I can truly be a combination of both, I'll be happy!

Great fun! I got JK Rowling -- quite pleased about that!

Hi Alison E, welcome. Your book sounds very exciting. I love stories set in university towns -- something about all that knowledge and history. And sorry to tell you the truth -- you are mad to do this -- we all are, but actually it's quite fun! I'll be looking out for beta readers in about a month, so if you are still looking at that point... 

Here's a not very edited blurb of my woman's/bookclub spec fic:

Violette’s ability to see sound as colour has always plagued her, but the recent deluge to her senses has caused her perfectly constructed Parisian life to breakdown. Desparate for respite, she escapes to the peace and quiet of her long-missed childhood home and, as she immerses in village life, she is captivated by Rémy, her old friend and master piano tuner, who almost convinces her to explore the senses she has denied.

But the village has changed since her childhood; the chateau ruins are shrouded in an unnerving atmosphere the local musicians call the Désaccord, and the inhabitants don’t fit with her rose-tinted memories. When Violette discovers Rémy has been missing, presumed dead, for the past five years, she becomes entangled in a world of sublime music, passion and desperation, a world where the Désaccord holds sway over Rémy’s existence and the mysterious song, Lo Boièr, casts its measure over them all.

Could the key to Rémy ’s redemption lie in Violette’s mingled senses? But facing herself would mean dealing with the pain and memories that lie beneath, and that would be unimaginable.

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Hi Robert,

The new backgrounds are much improved with individual colours blue/orange/pink.

I can see Jon's point about recent cover designs, though.

I prefer plain text to metallic.

I prefer the right alignment of the series title. It leaves the book title to stand centre stage.

I know you didn't ask about it, but I still think the symbol confuses things. I personally don't think it works behind the series title at all, it fudges the design with the planet, but it looks best in 'The Heavens' where it has space. If you are intent on keeping it, have you considered using it at the same size as the font of the series title, as part of the series title -- almost like a company logo? To explain what I mean I've just taken a snapshot of a similars sort of thing. Good Luck, looks like you are almost there!

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That's really interesting, Jon.

Picturesque when the its not blowing a gale or completely misty like today!

Great idea! I'm in! Bashu Nye, I've taken your spot as furthest west. I don't think there will be anyone further, in England at least!

Thanks, Rick, that's very interesting. I guess the omnipotent point of view is another case again, where the narrator can potentially take on his own personality.

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