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Some journals which are open to short fiction submissions.https://www.authorspublish.com/35-journals…
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  •  · Brilliant, thanks Kate.
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From grim fairy tales to animal stories to haunted holidays. Lots of short story open calls by Autho…
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  •  · What can I say, I'm a nudiustertian kind of person.
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Anybody else just get a blank screen when they try to use messenger? It shows on my phone, but not m…

I haven't tried this myself yet, but I watched a JW video in the summer festival that touched on it. Bad Red Head Media, I think it was by.

They suggested for MG, parents are still choosing the  books, so it's them you need to target, but by YA, it's the teenagers themselves who do the choosing, so focus on them. You're kind of in the middle so maybe have to think about both.

It was suggested you use social media to funnel readers to your email list. So for tweens you'd focus on Instagram (I think that's the most popular with them) and parents, wherever they hang out.

Will be interested to know what you decide and how it goes.

It's very easy to disappear down the research rabbit hole. What's your novel about?

Debi Alper  can help ref the course starting. I seem to remember getting an email with instructions, but that was on the old platform. Hope you enjoy - it's a cracker of a course.

Have file attachments to posts disappeared for anyone else?

For anyone who loves speculative fiction, an anthology called Through Other Eyes is out today. It includes my short story To Touch Creation.

It's a story I'm very fond of because it's based in the world of the first novel I tried to write. Took a few attempts to find it a home, because it is a little unusual, but I'm delighted I finally got there. The story has a warning attached that made me laugh - 'Captivity, sex, sex based magic'. It's honestly very tastefully done alien sex. I hope that tweaks your interest and you'll think about buying. Only £3.99 on Kindle. Here's a link to the UK Amazon page.


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hey kate, this is hennessy. you sent me some new messages, but i had some problems (see my post in sci fi group) have lost your new messages, (un read) and the site won't even allow me to access your original message. any chance they are archived and you can re-send them? and p.s. - i am mortified... the chapter you read was never meant to be posted. sorry, you can't un-read it.

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Hi Kate,

Just wanted to thank you for the post to Emma Darwin's Points of View discussion as I too, like Louis, was getting my knickers in a twist over that in one of my books.  Was much comforted by her comment that you can slip in and out of a minor character's point of view if your quick enough for no-one to notice!

Just discovered I was shortlisted in Writing Magazine's twist competition. A nice way to start the day.

Anyone up for critting a 1,400 word short story? It's for a competition so I can't put it on the forum.

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From grim fairy tales to animal stories to haunted holidays. Lots of short story open calls by Authors Publish. Get scribbling. https://www.authorspublish.com/25-themed-submissions-calls-for-october-2020/ 

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Congratulations, very well done.

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