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I read a useful bit of advice from one of my favourite writers, Bernard Cornwell.'If you're bored by…
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  •  · Yep. See here: https://www.ted.com/talks/bjorn_ulvaeus_how_music_streaming_transformed_songwriting/ …
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Details of some themed submission calls that might be of interest to short story writers and poets.h…
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If anyone would like to read one of my short stories, my HWA longlisted story is now available in Su…
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  •  · Thanks, Graham. Delighted you enjoyed it.
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Some journals which are open to short fiction submissions.https://www.authorspublish.com/35-journals…
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  •  · Brilliant, thanks Kate.
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From grim fairy tales to animal stories to haunted holidays. Lots of short story open calls by Autho…
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  •  · What can I say, I'm a nudiustertian kind of person.
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Anybody else just get a blank screen when they try to use messenger? It shows on my phone, but not m…

The banner near the top of the page. One of the categories is groups. Just click on it.

I've almost ditched it a few times when inspiration hasn't struck. Searching for an idea does tend to distract me from everything else I have to do. But I'm not ready to give up the challenge yet. The stories seems to give a lot of people a smile. But the day will come... 

I had a look, James, as I was interested how a screen play is presented. I only had time to read a few pages, but found it very engaging. I hope you find a home for it.

Things are really hotting up, Rob. An exciting time for you.

I agree with everyone else about the narrator for the extract. Too bland. I also agree with Glyn about those little visual explosions. Initially great, but there were just too many of them and they became annoying. For me, less would be more.

Apart from that, great impact.

Thanks, Jimmy. I always look forward to reading your beautiful poetry.

i found and followed you. :)

Let me know when you do and I'll be your first follower.

Thanks, Georgina - I know some people read them out to their kids, but there is the odd x-rated one to look out for! :D

Thanks, L. I have a lot of fun writing them.

Thanks, Glyn - I followed you back. The tweets are a bit of a giggle based on a ruder version of my MG novel characters.

They are 280 character tweet stories. Can be challenging but teaches you how to cut to the bone!

I didn't have much to do with social media until about a year ago. I've always found it a conundrum that it's useful to have a social media presence to publicise your writing, but how do you build followers before you're published. A chicken and egg scenario.

I watched an event at last years summer festival of writing that talked about Twitter being a very good way to funnel readers towards an authors website and email list. So in preparation of one day having one (I hope), I decided to take the plunge and dive in. A year later I've got 1,400 followers.

Not knowing what to Tweet about, I used one of the daily writing prompts to create a very short story. There's a mix of them to choose from, including horror, poetry & Haikus, as well as a basic word prompt. They're a fun way to get started.

Other advise I've seen which rings true from my experience:

Have a pinned tweet that says a little about you, where you can include links to your authors website (if you have one) and anywhere you've been published.

It's nice to retweet, but if your stream is simply pages of retweets, you're less likely to get followers. Put some original work of your own up there too.

Publicise anything you've got published, but don't just do that, as it becomes repetitive. Mix it up a bit.

I've found it great fun to be part of Twitter. There's a big writing community, and lot's of magazines use it to publicise open submission calls, so useful for that too. Don't be nervous. Take the plunge.

If anyone wants to follow my whimsical daily tweets about a pranking pixie and an uptight angel, you can find me @KateMachon.

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