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I am a new arrival on this wonderful writing world. So far I’ve enjoyed playing tourist, but now I’d like to put down my roots and become a true local. I’ve finished my first novel and am looking to connect with other newby writers. 

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Hello folks, any fellow Aussie writers/ authors out there? Getting published in Australia is a tough…
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  •  · I am Australian and thinking the same way. I am interested to see a comment about Britain being help…

Hi Debbie, I’ve just gone up on Amazon with my first book. I used a company (Hardshell Publising, here in Australia) which, although not cheap (about $3000 Aust dollars), did the whole lot: cover design, formatting, organising ISBN, uploading as an ebook, organised Ingram-Sparks. This saved a lot of time and stress. I’m very happy with the finished product. In the UK, Peter from Bespoke Book Covers does not only covers but has a self-publishing course that takes you step by step through the process of formatting etc. I agree that it’s much cheaper to do it yourself but if you’re as time poor as I am and you don’t expect to make any money (I’m happy if I eventually break even, which in reality even that is unlikely) then paying someone is worth it. 

Congratulations for finishing your book. I think you should pat yourself on the back a) You actually did write a novel and I’m sure it’s not crappy at all and b) You scored an agent’s feedback. So hang onto the positives and keep going! 

Yes, I think indicating Alice is an experienced detective is a good idea. Is there a tension point  that having experience brings out? Is she jaded? Maybe that as she trained in the UK she has a different way of doing things and ruffles the feathers of the local constabulary. If you include this description in your intro letter you should indicate why. 

That’s good you want to return to Australia! I live in Adelaide. We have been mostly sheltered from COVID but I think with our state borders opening up we should get a surge in numbers in the next few months. Likewise I want to return to the UK! Last time for me was ‘96 (sniff …). I lived in Wales for a while in the mid-80s. 

Cheers Adele 

PS: Pls disregard my ramblings if it all sounds like balderdash. You know your work best! 

Yes, sorry, it’s great you say toward the end of the letter why you are a fit. Good luck!!

Hi Sue,

This sounds like a great story! It’s great you know Florida Keys and this sounds like the perfect crime scene setting. Make sure you personalise your letter so the editor knows why they need to publish you. 

Can I suggest a tight edit as Caron said? Try and take out redunbdancies and over-writing.

 Eg New graduate detective Alice Delaney is charged with the investigation of a rape and murder in a close-knit commnity in tropical Florida Keys. Scarred by her own past university experiences of date rape, Alice throws out the rule book and sets out to solve this brutal homicide. But there’s something Alice doesn’t know. She’s being watched. 

Ie take out things that are a little obvious eg, ‘every step of the way by the psychopath who committed it.’  Who else but the criminal psychopath will be watching her? (Assuming she doesn’t have a horde of disgruntled criminals tracking her every move or the crazy date rapists from uni days). The being watched part at the end also leaves me (potential ediotor) wanting to read more about what is going to happen. Then next PG I think you can detail more of the back story. BUT keep it short. I like the following PG. “Killer on the Conch depicts …. But take out ’frantic’ (I’ve assumed this already) and ‘troubled‘ (I also know this.) Short and sweet is the name of the game. 

BTW I’m not trad publsihed, but I did do a 4 year diploma in professional writing. And one thing the course emphasised is: if you haven’t caught the attention of the editor in the first 50 words, they won’t read on. 

I hope this has helped! I’m interested to hear how you get on. 



Hi Reidr, here’s the simple answer. To be honest, laziness. The publisher recommended Ingram Spark as there is access to not just Amazon but also Kobo and Barnes and Noble. I haven’t looked into the specifics but I do know that you do need to decide whether you want to be ‘exclusive’ with Amazon and be locked into a contract for 90 days. If you do you have access to Kindle Unlimited  and this can be good for first -time authors to increase exposure. But I’m going with the flow … I’m not expecting to make money or even cover my costs. It’s just been such a brilliant experience learning to write a novel (and I am,  to be honest, still far from learned) so will see what happens. 
Cheers, Adele

I am about to self-publish my first novel through Ingham Sparks. I took the easy and unfortunately most expensive route. I paid for a book cover designer and now am paying a local publishing company to organise everything, including marketing. I can’t imagine I will ever re-coup my costs but I’m working full time and wanted to save a lot of hassle. I stress, it’s not cheap. I’m looking at about $3200 Australian dollars at a minimum but I will be getting a professional and beautiful product. If you have the time, do the formatting yourself. 

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Wow! Congratulations. Brilliant colours and love what you did to the facial image. 

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Hello folks, any fellow Aussie writers/ authors out there? Getting published in Australia is a tough gig. There are few agents, publishing houses are wary of taking on newbies, and less opportunities all-round. I’d love to connect with Australian traditionally published authors and others hoping to become published in the not-too-distant future. 

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