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Hi, ya'll!

I purchased the membership of Jericho Writers for myself as a Christmas present 🎄, because writing is the thing I want to do and because I HAVE to get writing in earnest!
I've just been sifting through the materials and already been helped.
Wow, is all I can say!

I've been writing since I retired at 65. Of course, I also wrote before that but didn't really have the time. Writing requires time - at least in my case and an uninterrupted chunk of time at that. Let's see how it goes. I have been studying how to write for at least ten years and have a gazillion books about writing from John Truby, Ann Lamott to Robert McKee, among several others.

I'm a native Finn, live in Finland and write in Finnish. I hope to find friends with whom to discuss "the unbearable lightness of writing" 😉 and to share tips.

Oh! I almost forgot! I write in the Cozy Mystery genre.

Happy to be here!
Thanks for reading!

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