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Hi. I grew up in the English Midlands and now live in Shropshire, not far from the Welsh border. An enduring affection for the hills and valleys of Wales has provided the impetus for a series of stories, which are making their way - slowly - onto Amazon via KDP! 

I have written and self-published a brace of romance novels under the pen name, Mel Alanson. However, I'm likely to use my real in future and have set up a website at for promotional purposes, etc.

BTW: In the profile pic, I'm the character on the left!


Interesting post – with lots of little triggers (for me, anyway). ‘could it be said by someone better?’ I feel that if you could put a dozen writers of similar ability together (not sure how you’d gauge ‘similar’) and ask them to read a piece of each other’s stuff, then most, if not all, would feel that the others were better writers than them, at least in some respects. I reckon the question is: ‘could it be said by someone different (or differently)?’ 

Re: 'Why write?' In simple terms, I’d say if I write non-fiction, I write to inform (and, ideally, impress!). When I write fiction, I’m facilitating fantasy. In my case, I’m also fantasizing when I write. The comment about ‘insignificance’ is interesting too. It could be that issues cropping up in my writing, occasionally get the reader thinking, ‘Oh yeah – that’s a good point. I can relate to that.’ That then makes a little bit of my writing ‘significant’. However, given that my surname isn’t Shakespeare and my first name isn’t William, then most of my writing ceases to be significant once it has been read. I can live with that, though, because I enjoy the writing process.

As I said – an interesting post, Emily.

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Hi Emily. I guess there are issues regarding the breadth of the genre. I've read a few Nicholas Sparks novels (e.g. Safe Haven). Some of these are great romances but, in some cases, there are elements of the 'thriller' included. However, if the aim of the group is to focus on the purely romantic aspects of romance writing, that's fair enough.

Hi.  I'm wondering about the option for creating multiple member profiles on Jericho, but I'm not entirely sure about its purpose. Any thoughts/advice would be appreciated.

Hi. I'm going to be awkward here - as I prefer the second version. Much depends on context I guess. For example, if this is being written from the POV of a confirmed atheist, then 'the cold stones of the church' might well be the key element and, as such, it sits better at the end of the sentence. They're both good, though, and I like the hot/cold contrast!

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Thanks Erin. That's really helpful. 

Thanks, too, to others who've responded.

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Fair comment. Thanks Libby.

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I’ve been absent from the group for a while, so apologies if this has been covered elsewhere.

I recently submitted a short story to a magazine, where the majority (apparently all, in fact) of the writers are female. I used a new female pen name with a matching email address. However, being an honest sort of a chap, I did include my real name in the submission email. The submission was rejected.

Now – it may well be that the story just wasn’t good enough. However, I was careful to follow the mag’s guidelines and was fairly confident when I sent it off. Sadly (and somewhat annoyingly) there was no feedback. I’m now mithering about where I went wrong and whether, perhaps, I should have avoided ‘owning up’ in regard to my gender.

Any thoughts would be gratefully received.

Hi. I did wonder wonder about that group - but assumed it was gender-specific - ie women only. I guess I should know better! Thanks for the info Julie.

Thanks Holly. I'll post something later. BTW - is there a group specifically for writers of regular romance?


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