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I love reading and researching about the past, one of my favorite periods is Victorian/Edwardian England. I also love classic literature, Middlemarch, Persuasion, Bleak House, and Rebecca being some of my favourites (is Rebecca considered a classic?). I am currently writing short stories (some of which have been published online and in anthologies) and finishing my first historical fiction novella, along with making content for social media, particularly You Tube and Instagram under the handle Meadow Afternoon. 

I studied Archaeology and Ancient History at University so I am always up for a history chat. 


That sounds like a great theme to explore with website building, fantasy has so much scope for branding. Lots of different directions you can go, especially if you incorporate elements of your book world into the website. 

Also you and your husband run a museum?? That's really cool. What type of objects do you display?  

Thank you very much for the kind words Janet:) I will defiantly check Book Bub out. 

Hi Carol, Thank you:) I'm approaching creating a website/social media content a little differently I think and creating a brand for my writing. So my online presence has I hope a cohesive feel to it, as if all the different social media sites are different rooms of the same house so to speak. Do you have any ideas for how you'd like your website to look? It can be quite fun creating the look you want and something that fits the feel of your writing, although certainly I found it all a bit daunting in the beginning. Happy to share any website knowledge I know if helpful:) 

Thank you:) I'll add BookBub to my list of things to explore. 

Hi Tom, That sounds like a great start! Your website is very atmospheric, I like the black and browns.  I am focusing on my website ( along with You Tube and Instagram - both in very early stages at the moment as I establish a working schedule to create content. I haven't heard of BookBub, I will check it out. It's all very slow process but baby steps . .. baby steps:) 

The copy of Great Expectations I have (a crumpled looking thing from a second hand bookshop) actually had both endings printed in the back. I defiantly prefer the happier one but the book isn't my favourite Dickens either. Bleak House would probably be number one, although Little Dorrit and Dombey and Son are up there as well. 

Hi Tom, I completely agree with you about having a platform of your own. Even if you are planing to go the traditionally published route, having a platform and way to grow your readership is a really good idea. Traditionally published authors still struggle to sell books so the more you can bring to the table, the better it is. I am planing/hoping to do a hybrid of traditional and publish some work on my own, but building my website/portfolio and different social media channels is top of my to do list. 

Thanks for posting this. I had a look through but nothing I am writing fits. Good to know about the publisher and their briefs in case someone does have something/or an idea that fits. 

Hello James and welcome. I've never heard of Hereward the Wake and don't know too much about that period of history, it all sounds fascinating. 

Hello Angela, I've been reading back through some of your comment replies and your novels sounds interesting, I love the high Victorian age (I like all of history really but the Victorian age is one of my favorites). I think that having a finished novel is a huge achievements in itself, so congratulations! Are you going to keep submitting it to agents whilst you try something new?

I personally find plotting ahead of time massively important for me. I am probably a bit of an over-plotter - I have every chapter and scene pretty much locked down before I begin writing. I often think of plotting a bit like story boarding for a film, I want the whole book to flow like a movie in my head and then that way I can pace out the scenes, character emotions etc. Of course my plots are often quite simple so that helps:) 

Good luck with your new book. Are you in the same time period or have you time traveled to pastures new?


Hello James, That's an interesting idea. It's probably worth giving it a go and seeing what happens. Have you tired reaching out to agents who specialize in film/tv scripts? I don't know if scripts work the same as books - I would imagine its even harder to get scripts made than books published. That said I think if you have an idea that's a bit outside the box, then it's worth trying out. It may not work but you never know who's going to come across your work. 


Hello Steve and welcome. Your books sounds cool, WW2 was a period I was fascinated with for a long time, particularly life on the home front. What sort of genre is your WIP? 

Do you watch many of the films made during this period? I'm a huge old movie buff and I find they are really useful for research and just to get a feel for the period. 


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