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Sometime teacher, cyclist, enthusiastic writer.  I am working on a historical crime novel set in the windswept North Pennines in 1860.  

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Hi everyone, If, like me, you've worked hard to polish your work and haven't got anywhere at all wit…
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Hi everyone, I just popped in to share with you the dubious milestone of my first rejection, a polit…
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  •  · Hi Angela,Don't take your rejection to heart - was it Agatha Christie who received 48 rejections bef…
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Hi everyone, Following Debi Alper's recent webinar on managing expectations, I am having a small cel…
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  •  · Congrats on taking that important step. I'm glad you consider those replies as treasure. I myself ha…
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Hi, I have worked on this to within an inch of its life.  Would anyone have time to read this and co…
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  •  · Oh no, I've only just seen your reply and I deleted everything off my desk top sometime before the n…
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After my experiences of the last few months and the knowledge I have gained from this site, I have r…
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  •  · 😂Dan, that looks amazing. I don’t think I have a spare wall big enough for one of those boards but m…
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In case this helps anyone, I am sharing an idea a writer friend of mind gave, which has helped me a …
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  •  · Oh, that's too bad. It was 11 months for me. I hope you manage something sooner than you think.
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Hiya Evelyn, great to see you here. Wishing you all the best with your novel.

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Keep knocking at the doors Debbie and stick with Jericho, who seem to offer great information and support. I’m in a similar position so I know how hard it is. Don’t lose faith that you have something to offer and good luck because when you’ve done everything else, that’s the last bit of the jigsaw. 

Congratulations Jimmy and thanks for sharing. That’s a really sharp read that galops along. Well done.

That’s brilliant and so well deserved. Your path to success is inspiring for us all. Congratulations and best wishes with the forward path. 

No worries. My life is totally awry just now with a relocation to a new country (Ireland). I have no furniture until Tuesday and the heating has just failed. Other than that, all is good! Wishing you all well, Angela

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Hi Neil, welcome and thanks for sharing your experience. I write historical thrillers (1 unpublished, 1 wip) but my working life was spent as a teacher of classical ballet. In my experience, some of the best performers think they’re awful so don’t let your own self appraisal be your dominant guide. The primary reason is that they know a great deal about faults and what perfection should look like. So keep working and people on here will all be wishing you well and cheering you on. All the best, Angela

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Number 6 jumps out at me. Clear, sharp, uncluttered.

Hi Catherine, Well done you on getting an encouraging reply, from one rejectee to another! Yes, do keep your creativity, whatever is happening in your life. I think adversity sharpens the writer’s pencil, so to speak. Jon’s quotes made me roar with laughter (thank you Jon) and reminded me of a put down I heard quoted once, I think it was of the Rolling Stones:, 

‘The lead singer can’t sing and guitar bands are on their way out’ 

Keep writing and good luck, Angela

Hi Corryb, welcome from one who has just recently joined. Have a great time with your spinning plates. Angela

Hi Natalia, Thanks for the heads up on the police  procedure video. I write historical crime so it’s not personally useful but I find the videos on JW super. I watched Plotting for people who hate plotting and it’s given me some new methods to try. Good luck with your work. Angela

Hi Maggie, What à concise, comprehensive summary! Thanks for taking the time. Read and understood! Angela

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