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Sometime teacher, cyclist, enthusiastic writer.  I am working on a historical crime novel set in the windswept North Pennines in 1860.  

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Hi everyone, If, like me, you've worked hard to polish your work and haven't got anywhere at all wit…
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Hi everyone, I just popped in to share with you the dubious milestone of my first rejection, a polit…
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Hi everyone, Following Debi Alper's recent webinar on managing expectations, I am having a small cel…
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Hi, I have worked on this to within an inch of its life.  Would anyone have time to read this and co…
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After my experiences of the last few months and the knowledge I have gained from this site, I have r…
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In case this helps anyone, I am sharing an idea a writer friend of mind gave, which has helped me a …
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  •  · Oh, that's too bad. It was 11 months for me. I hope you manage something sooner than you think.
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Hello and welcome, you’re in a great place.

It's always been this way.

The way to change the odds is to only submit when your work is truly ready. (Which is usually several rounds of major edits after you think nothing more can possibly be done to tighten it.)

Good tip there Rick, thanks. The writer of ´Falling’ mentioned thirty edits. I’ve done a lot but no doubt need more!

I've worked out that to get 41 rejections I'd have to make about 193 submissions. More than 75% can't be bothered to reply. Is this a Covid thing with too many authors or has it always been this way?

Fair comment David. Not bothering to reply is well known. What shocked me when submitting was that a couple did not even bother to acknowledge receipt, though I check all submission information thoroughly, so I assume it must have been received. That seems to me an almost contemptuous attitude towards the writer, considering an automated reply takes virtually no effort. Did I make a mistake, or have others had a similar experience? 

Hi Holly, so thrilled to hear that you are going to be house hunting, I wish you the best of luck with it. I have got used to you on your podcast talking about Amsterdam and all the things which are different to the UK re publishing. Good luck with your book six - I don't know how you manage to do two books at a time with a family, you must be super organised. 

April went pretty well for me. I have been signed up by SpellBound Books, an indie publisher, and I have a contract for my first ever book, which they absolutely love. I think they are going to change it a bit, but not too much. It's due out on ebook and POD in Spring 2022.  Aside from that I am still waiting on the decision from an agent on a Full MS request on book two (which I assumed was the more commercial one, shows what I know!!), and am getting started on book three, which I am enjoying, no real planning just enjoying the characters and situations I am putting them in before I have to edit and get serious. 

I am signed up for SFOW, so looking forward to that again and to the May specials on starting a novel, well timed for me!. 

Huge congratulations Jane, that's brilliant news. And good luck with house hunting, Holly.

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Hi everyone, If, like me, you've worked hard to polish your work and haven't got anywhere at all with it yet, you might be encouraged to read about new author Torri Newman, whose forthcoming publication 'Falling' was rejected 41 times. Now billed as 'Jaws at 35,000 feet', she used her experience as a flight attendant to create a thriller about terrorism in the sky. Sounds routine? Perhaps that's why it was so roundly rejected by so many, who knows? However, her 42nd submission was to a top screenwriter turned agent as she had nothing to lose and was signed for a 2 book deal for a huge sum. If you're reading this and feeling lost in the wilderness of agent searching and being largely ignored (like me), take heart. I've read some of the submissions on here and I feel sure that among them is some superb writing. Do us keen readers and writers all a favour and keep going please!

Hope you enjoy it, Angela.  Just about to sign up too.  I went to their Festival of Writing in York a few years ago and loved it - brilliantly organised, wide variety of events and great access to agents on a one-to-one basis.  It was also great fun meeting hundreds of like-minded writers.  I came back energised and raring to get back to my writing.  I'm not enjoying the tech-based lectures as much, but they're the best we have at the moment, so a huge 'Thank You' to all at Jericho Writers for organising them.

Thanks Helen, that’s great to know. I feel the need to be re-energised! Good luck with your writing.

Hi Angela. Yes, that's standard I'm afraid. My last was personalised with my name but definitely a form response (from a slush pile reader, I think - at least it wasn't signed by the agent I subbed to). Many of the form messages are very nicely worded. Here's my most recent one -

'Thank you for sending in your material to us. We have read and considered your proposal carefully but do not feel it is something we are able to take on and represent at this time. Please bear in mind that this is the opinion of one agency alone and that others may feel differently.

We are extremely sorry to disappoint you but we wish you the very best of luck with your future writing.'

I got this within ten minutes of finding I'd missed out on a mentoring comp I'd been shortlisted for - ouch! 😭😂🤣

Good luck with the submissions, Angela

Shame about the mentoring comp, ouch indeed! I do have the summer festival to look forward to and I always find the online lectures terrifically informative, so that will have to console me for now. Good luck with your submission too. I’ve seen enough of your comments and suggestions on the site to make me believe your work is of a high standard, so here’s wishing you success.

Yes, I’m signed up and excited about it, having learned so much from the recordings on JW. Thanks so much for the work you all do to put together such an awesome event.

This is my first time submitting anything, so have limited information to offer but my first rejection took 2 weeks, my second 4 weeks and I’m still waiting for a response, if there is any, on my other 10. Both my rejections were personally addressed and kindly worded but with no specific issues suggested. Is that standard, does anyone know (if there is such a thing!)

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Thanks Angela. I do think of potential titles every now and then but can't seem to settle on one I like. Listen to me! World problems being what they are and I worry about not having a title for my MS. 

take care

Thanks Chele. It will come to you I’m sure. One thing I did was write a collection of favourite words down that resonated well with my story, then played around with them, writing them on a list at odd times when they came to mind. After a couple of days, I had half a dozen and I chose from them. 

Hello Richard and welcome to JW. There’s a wealth of practical information here to help you reach your goal, whatever that is. 

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