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Hi all I’m Dave, Trail name Wanderer. I’m a thru-hiker of the Appalachian Trail. I am a photographer…
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  •  · Hi Dave, Congratulations on your fantastic achievement! I am sure your book will be equally successf…

In my story sometimes the meals I ate are part of it.  In one meal it was 9 egg and cheese McGriddles and hash browns or 5500 calories.   The wierd things that are important to a story 

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In my travelogue it sometimes is... not important, but for flow to skip days at a time in my story. I find it generally easy to fast forward several hours  such as what I did here


The campground was a muddy reminder of the night before. After packing my gear and donning my not so dry clothes from the day before I checked Guthooks. Three miles to the Notch and 26 miles to town. The terrain was a lot of little ups and downs and it would seem I’d be in Gorham the following day.

Just short of the Notch I started to find small snow piles, and once in the Notch I found ice between the rocks. The Mahoosic Notch is a valley, where it appears a landslide created a boulder field. It was slow going up and over the boulders or under others through makeshift caverns. By no means would I say it was difficult, just slow.


But what when I need to skip like 3 days because nothing happened. Or because of the nature of the story at least touch base that the day existed?

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picking away at it word by work just short of 9k as we speak.


All can leave comments, and I find it easier to look through edits that way. If anyone feels like giving the rough draft a 

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I couldn't resist going through my writing and tweaking what I had and just sent my 6 chapters through Grammarly, it found almost 200 mistakes, missing spaces, extra or missing commas, and a few other things.

It gives me a 85/100 score. 8,424 word count, very clear and engaging rating.

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Been picking at my book every day. 7700 or so words, 6 chapters and roughly 25% complete to bring me with an estimated 36,000 word word count. Though likely that will be too short and will need to be worked in a second draft. As 36,000 words is only 75 standard 8x11 pages. Just some thoughts of the morning.

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Thought it was an interesting perspective. I still haven’t decided what direction to go, though within a few weeks I will be reaching out to people in this wonderful community and beyond for their thoughts and opinions.

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I have been hard at work essentially rewriting my book after lots of great feedback.   Less rewriting more delivering the content in more story less text book fashion.  Open to some more feedback see if I went far enough in the right direction.


(ignore the bad link, it works. I tested it)

A work in progress. feel free to comment/edit. All views have the comment ability.


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Hi all I’m Dave, Trail name Wanderer. I’m a thru-hiker of the Appalachian Trail. I am a photographer by hobby, and working on writing my first book. I have other ideas after this one.  In my free time I like to hike, read fantasy, and play computer games. I also breed worms for profit and to help reduce my household waste.

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been working on my travelog book. Hoping to have a solid first draft done by the end of the year.  I have a few other chapters in the works but chapter 2 is feeling pretty rough and would like have some discussion on it to make it more easily digestible.


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