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Having recently moved to Somerset, I am beginning to explore my new area and finding the beautiful countryside is healing my soul.  I am learning about the benefits of mindfulness and meditation and, a new one for me, have joined a yoga class. (I might have scoffed at myself a couple of years ago for doing this.) But the constant in everything is my writing. My 19th century MS is gestating in a virtual drawer. Novel number two was well on the way but I got bored with how long it was taking me to get to the link with the first book, so if I'm bored, a reader would certainly be bored. BUT, number three is my NaNo saviour and it has made me, the greatest procrastinator ever, knuckle down and crack on. The inspiration for my novels is/are(?) my West Country ancestors. I don't think my move to Somerset was for nowt.

My favourite authors - Jasper Fforde, Saki, PG Wodehouse and Spike Milligan. See a pattern here? I can't write funny, so leave that to them.

When I'm not writing, I'm researching my family history (my other great passion) which is how I discovered the lives of my West Country ancestors. 

I enjoy country and coastal walks, love cats and dogs (though no longer own either one), cake and custard creams. 

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Well done, Jo. From what I hear, it will be money very well spent. What a super birthday present. I wish you every success on the course. 

Belated birthday greetings, Harry. Bravo for writing anything at all. I had no idea that Fiona was so violent!  I'm going to have to read the book to see why the monk deserved such an horrific end. 

I hope you recover soon.  

Thanks, Savannah. I'll take a look.

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Welcome!  Self-doubt is quite normal and not just when you're starting out. I've suffered from Imposter Syndrome but the support and advice at JW and from this wonderful community, helped me through that. I agree with everything already said. There is lots to learn but the most important thing, in my opinion, is to just enjoy writing.  It matters not a jot what others think. It's yours - you own it. Have fun.

I quite agree, Brigitte C.  I'm also a tad confused that we will be able to watch the recording tomorrow but it didn't take place 'live'. So what did they record? Was it live but no-one could see it? I'll go back with that question. I am disappointed because. like you, I had scheduled in the webinar and also, I find the live comments interesting and helpful (and often amusing) as well as the opportunity to ask questions.   Time  for a glass of wine, methinks. 

I emailed JW and have this response.

"Thanks for reaching out about the webinar! Unfortunately, due to a technical error with the webinar service the event will not take place live. However, you can still view the event tomorrow after we upload it. You can find the recording on our website by logging in and navigating to the 'My Jericho' tab and selecting 'Getting Published Month'. There you'll be able to watch it at your convenience.

I'm sorry for the trouble! Feel free to reach out with any questions.



It's be 34 minutes, so I think I'll give up now. I hope they reschedule. 

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Welcome, Tom. Your novel sounds very interesting and not a subject I was aware of. I write historical fiction too (Victorian era) and it was one of my female ancestors that inspired my story. It can be surprising what you find when you 'dig up' your ancestors. 

That's great news, Julie. We are rooting for you (or should that be roosting?😅).

Welcome, Kate. I'm sure you'll find this community a friendly bunch. I am also writing historical fiction but set much later than yours (19th  century) but I do find the ancient world fascinating. Good luck with the editing.

Wow, that's some list! I had no idea there were so many. Luckily, I have a few hours to spare. 😊

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