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Retired Secondary Head Teacher learning how to write.

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Is the Summer Festival online again this year? Anyone any details yet? Thanks 
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Hi, If we want our query letters to stand out, be different, unique and have a great hook. Why do we…
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Wonder if someone could help please. I was going to enter this even although I know I'm not the stan…
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  •  · Laure I know you are honest but from your work I find that hard to believe. :)

Nope. No difference. I started to write an explanation there but scratched it - there is no point. And as an aside I actually  do not agree with the description of "violent and malevolent attitudes of British youth"  The majority of whom are pleasant and kind. 

Yes it provides templates but I don't know if they are free as I have a paid plan. As to them going into spam I just checked and the ones I sent out yesterday have all been opened. Thankfully. 

Congratulations Jon. And great story! 

Hi Janet. Thank you for your comments. What makes you think it will end up in spam folders please?  Because it has images? 

Oh thank you so much. Yes I use wix to distribute to my subscribers but I also post it to my social media channels. 

I think it's important yes but it doesn't have to be an author they represent. Have a look at their wishlists or something they say on twitter. Just choose something that relates to your book and that made you think they would be a good fit. 

Also I am not sure about the first round things that everyone mentions. I sent out to 40 at once and yes I got rejections but I also got a lot of agents asking for fulls. 

Hi there 

I think this is great. However do add why you have chosen that particular one of the authors she represents or her mswl 

I think it may just be a bit wordy and I would think about cutting the sentence that begins The crystaline...i think it dilutes the rest of the paragraph and message. But thats only my opinion. Maybe with less adjectives and tightening it would read better. 

Great letter good luck 

I have seen a few comments about newsletters so I thought I'd share mine. Please excuse the glaring punctuation mistakes! I couldn't see them until it went live of course!! Grrr. Would love any feedback good or bad. In fact bad is better - it will help me get better at it. 

Hi Alan 

I'm just waiting on my edits as my book The Storytellers publishes May 16th. Recieved my book cover this week and I think i love it but won't really know until the publisher reveals it and I can gauge what others think lol. Trying to write book two but its a bleep bleep! 

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