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Book Blogger. Feminist. Secret Eater. Working Class.  

Retired Secondary Head Teacher learning how to write.

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Is the Summer Festival online again this year? Anyone any details yet? Thanks 
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Hi, If we want our query letters to stand out, be different, unique and have a great hook. Why do we…
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Wonder if someone could help please. I was going to enter this even although I know I'm not the stan…
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  •  · Laure I know you are honest but from your work I find that hard to believe. :)

Congratulations Julie and Jon. What gorgeous poems and beautiful illustrations xxx

Aw thanks John. I'm not a technical writer or very understanding of the skillset required but it was fun to write 

Fantastic!! Congratulations 

I'm thrilled to receive an honourable mention for my short story "Maude" in The Bay Tales Short Story  Christmas Competition. Thank you to  Lynn and Julie for the early reads and feedback xx  You can read it here if you like.

I like the quizmaster idea - even better if it was a waiter walking by to each table - or his assistant so they could eavesdrop

Ah that is tricky but you could maybe narrate it  third person instead of first. Lots of books especially new ones have first and third narrators through different chapters. 

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