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Is the Summer Festival online again this year? Anyone any details yet? Thanks 
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Hi, If we want our query letters to stand out, be different, unique and have a great hook. Why do we…
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Wonder if someone could help please. I was going to enter this even although I know I'm not the stan…
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  •  · Laure I know you are honest but from your work I find that hard to believe. :)

Thank you Kate I have this awful feeling no-one will love it. As I have learnt through querying like and enjoy isn't enough. 

Everything is so subjective - an overused phrase perhaps but one that is certainly true. And of course a perfectly understandable one. You may like a book and I may love it and vice versa. 

I think the whole process from start to finish is based on luck, timing, mood. For I have read books  here far better than mine and that is not false modesty.

My goodness what a lot of things to worry about! Thanks as always Laure x 

Thank you Janet. 

Yes she asked me to do some minor edits which only took a morning. For example "what did he say to that" or " How did he react?" 

She is brilliant yes and loved the book from the beginning which was very important to me and her communication is great. I just feel so anxious even worse than when I was querying because there are loads of agents but less publishers. And I remember those agent rejections! 

Thank you. 

My book is going out on sub in the morning. I am so nervous and scared it will fail. Has anyone else been through this and perhaps like to share their experience as I know very little about it. I mean what are the chances that it gets taken up by a publisher? Are they grim figures? I thought the biggest battle was gaining an agent but now I have an even bigger worry! Any thoughts from anyone with any understanding more than welcome please.

Katie why don't you name the publisher some of us might know them? It isn't wrong to ask people about a specific publisher or agent. Its due diligence as this is a business deal IMO 

Beautiful David. A very emotive piece. These are a few of my favourite lines...

Before the first lie is spoken. Before most have woken.

Connie speaks to him sometimes, when she forgets he’s gone, or most times when she remembers.

Using buttery fingers, he licked the bowl clean. Like the child they never had.

The aching lack, of arms not holding.

Like a soul that’s returning to something forgotten.

As for where to submit there are lots of literary magazines have a look on twitter or here. 

After some consideration I have just signed with the brilliant Liverpool Literary Agency.  Thank you to everyone who has helped me from here. No need for congrats or anything you already did that on my last post. I'm buzzing! ( strangely I had a 121 booked  with her for next week but I've cancelled now lol) 

Hi Kate

Congratulations! It's brilliant you have had professional interest. Such a confidence boost! However you say the first was an agent are you meaning they offered then withdrew? 

As to the publisher it would be best to contact other authors that have been published by them and ask their thoughts. Also look at sales ranking on Amazon amd number of reviews. 

I also suggest you ask people here and elsewhere ( such as facebook groups)  their opinion of the publisher. There is nothing wrong with naming them - this is a business transaction. I did this when was offered too. And to be honest I would have signed if I had not recieved an agent offer soon after. Like you I didn't wish to do the editing, formatting etc. 

Whatever you decide congratulations and good luck 

Thank you. First book I have written yes. It is womens fiction. It took me seven months. Started in August finished end of March. Started querying end of April recieved full requests and an offer end of May. ( of course there were the usual rejections too)  Yes i used JW webinars and 121s and met lovely friends here who became beta readers and i hope to call life long friends. I also stalked Laure here and submitted my package to her for a critque at the start and end. Her advice was like a masterclass in writing and I tried to apply her wisdom throughout. 

Hope I've answered everything. Thank you again it is surreal! 

Added a comment to Cover impact 

Hi Rob 

I love number two but without the lens flash 

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