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I'm in SE London, would love a meet up, happy to meet nearby or in the middle. 

Thanks, this is really helpful! I spent an hour in Waterstones looking at books and trying to start to think about comp titles, it's so tricky! I feel like I can't be like, "Oh I'm like Amanda Craig!" without sounding super arrogant ;-) The Golden Rule x Holby City!! I'll have a look at the blog, thanks again.

Hi! We played this game on Twitter for my book last week (working title After Beamaris) - thanks for your suggestions! I've been been thinking about what you said about literary vs. non-literary titles... Would you say there is a specific set of rules to this? i.e. literary fiction has a certain bunch of naming conventions and other types of general fiction (women's fiction, contemporary etc.) have others? 

I thought that too - it seems a bit clunky to me to say "he felt pity" anyway. i wonder if I've become to averse to any kind of head-hopping, though. If this was an editorial client of mine, I'd probably suggest switching ti to pure Clare too. "She could tell he felt sorry for her" or "she saw pity in his eyes as he offered her a piece of chocolate." I probably need to read some more contemporary authors who do multiple POV well. 

Hi Verity, I forgot we had raised this on Townhouse and I have actually just emailed you about it. I imagine the slot also is problematic for folks with full-time jobs so I'd really appreciate it if the team could discuss whether there's an alternative solution that is more inclusive. Thanks! 

My characters definitely tend to spend too much time turning round to look at each other ;-) This is a real writing tic of mine, I got into some bad habits when ghostwriting as to make it worthwhile you have to write FAST but I got a bit lazy!My characters definitely also tend to drink a lot of coffee and alcohol too! But then they're doctors so... I feel like that's quite realistic! 

I really struggle to work with music these days - I used to listen to Radio 4 when studying when I was a student, there's no way I could do that now! Having said that, when my office is finally set up with a proper sound system I will try listening to classical or ambient again. I can't work with anything with lyrics. BUT I do like this idea of finding a song that suits the mood you're writing, or the character, and immersing in it. My WIP is set in the 00s, so I need to find some playlists from then I reckon, and immerse myself in them! I like to listen to 90s dance in the gym because I am VERY OLD, so maybe if I switch to 2000s I will become more relevant ;-) 

I love this idea! WOuld be so fun to work out what songs best suit my characters! I often listen to music from significant moments in my life (usually heartbreaks!) when I need inspiration.

YES. My son has two weeks off for half term! But then it's 7 whole weeks after half term until Christmas holidays.... 5000 words a week? 10,000? Eeeeek... 

Thanks everyone! I'm over the worst I think and it hasn't been too bad (grateful for vaccines and a pretty robust immune system!) Worst thing is trying to isolate from a four year old so we increase chances of no househod cross infection and can still go on holiday next week. Anyway, I'm up and dressed today and trying to catch up on the course materials... Onwards! 

I think it might have been Lisa Howells but I can't seem to tag her... Hmmmm...

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