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I live in a village on the outskirts of Chester, Cheshire. I have a self published novel on Amazon, a time slip mystery with the title, A Grave Inheritance. I’ve recently completed my second novel, a different genre this time - crime thriller. 


I began research for my third novel at the beginning of April and hope to have at least 20,000 decent words written by the end of the month. I have a basic plot idea and three main characters lined up. I write slowly, think a lot, and ask my cat her opinion but she’s not much help, so please don’t hold me to my word count.

Hi Helen, I had a similar problem with trying to add a category. It seems authors are only allowed to choose two categories and subcategories. I needed to have a third. I solved the problem by contacting KDP Publishing Support (Amazon’s publishing side)  You can use their contact email and put in your request. They will either do it for you, as in my case, or give you all the links and information you need. I hope this helps. 

Hi Libby, the filigree refers to shadows from overhanging branches along the path. The wicker chairs are dotted as in spaced. 

Thanks. Yes you’re right, it does sound better. 

Hi Harry, this is my contribution.

White whicker chairs dotted a path with filigree shadows

Welcome to Townhouse Chris. 

Hi Janet, i do too. Yes, I’ll try and get a picture of the cover on here, although the painting isn’t on the cover, a photo of it is inside. Also, if you go on Amazon  UK and key in Boy Peeling Fruit Anne Renshaw, the book will come up. The painting is a few pages in. 

I’ve stabbed and drowned 3 different characters, and badly beaten a man and pushed him down the stairs. All in a days work when you’re a writer. Oh the joy! My first novel - A Grave Inheritance (a time slip mystery) has two ghosts, a mother and daughter. My second novel - Boy Peeling Fruit is also available on Amazon now (a crime thriller with a touch of the historical), and more sculduggery. 

Hi Caroline, thank you so much. I’m going to buy A Mother’s Loss now, and I’ll leave a review for you too. Us new authors need all the support we can get. Stay safe. 

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