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Which one of these is correct?While she was lying on her back.While she was laying on her back.I'm g…
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  •  · Thanks L, always getting that one wrong!
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Hi all,This is my latest attempt at a covering letter after taking on board what my 121 session advi…
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  •  · Hi Debbie,Thanks for your input. I hadn't even thought about taking something from the actual book!!…
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Hi all,I had some very positive feedback from my 121. She did mention that I had jumped into another…
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  •  · I have just spent a very rainy but worthwhile day, here in Somerset UK, working my way through the w…
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Hi All,I had my first 121 session today. I was so nervous but I shouldn't have been as it was great.…
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Hi all,I have decided to stop tinkering with my MS. I have been tinkering for about three years now.…
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  •  · Thanks L.Good to know about the query letters I will look into that.
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Hi all,I have just got a free trial of Prowritingaid.I got the programme as I struggle with grammar …
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  •  · Thanks everyone for your comments. They have made me feel more confident.As for Zombies Danny - I mi…

Thanks Laure,

This looks very interesting. I shall definitely check it out.


Added a comment to one to one 

This is great news Debbie 👏 

I too had a positive 121. It really does give you a boost doesn't it?

Well done and good luck with it all.

Hi Debbie,

Thanks for your input. I hadn't even thought about taking something from the actual book!! What am I like!

There is plenty in it to make a reader shudder, so I will definitely do that.

Good luck with yours.

Thanks again


Welcome, Geoff.

This is my first attempt at novel writing and didn't realise how little I knew about the whole process until I joined Jericho. Hanging around in the community and scrolling through the posts has been a great learning curve and a lot of fun too.



My son lives in Utrecht. Beautiful place. He also teaches English amongst other things. He also reads everything I write which is very handy for me.

Let me know how the ultimate novel writing course goes please as I have thought about doing that. 

I have a draft of my first novel completed and am busy doing loads of rounds of editing.

Cheers Sue 

Congratulations Lynn. This us brilliant news 👏 

Welcome Corry.

I'm working on my first thriller. Yes quite the challenge. I'm doing my 100th edit!


I grew up in London and was in my 20s in the 1980s and was constantly harassed, and then abused if I didn't respond. It really was frightening at times as Laurie's story says.

What I find really sad is that my 22 year old daughter suffers the exact same crap!

Nothing has changed 

Hi Jane,

I write in the third person. I always use first names for protagonist's and last name for antagonist's. I think using a first name for a baddie makes them too nice.

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