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A thirty-something who lives in Yorkshire. I'm a prolific writer, but despite having spent many of my younger years on stage, when it comes to my writing, I suffer from stage fright! After some serious words with myself (and some health issues this past year) I've finally got my backside in gear and written my first full length novel. 

Working on my first novel, Reality Filter, a magical realism story for adults. I have recently started on Book 2 in the same series.

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  •  · I love it! It's so professional, and the graphics are great!
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Following on from the thread about #PitMad, it seems a few of us were interested in getting involved…
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  •  · Brilliant. I saw the like in your pitch - just fabulous😊
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Hi Everyone,After all the very helpful advice and feedback you gave me on the previous post, I've ha…
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  •  · I think it may have worked! Thank you for all your help and advice with this, Rick.

Wouldn't it? Although as I'm typing, it's suddenly decided to become a little blustery!

Although I think I'll spell out 'boyfriend'. And maybe change the & for and.

It would be too much to hope I get the imps in there haha.

I have just seen Be Aaronovitch post this, about his latest novella, and thought it fit perfectly into this thread!

She's a 13 year old Trouble Maker, the other’s a talking fox born into espionage. Together they fight crime (and eat cheesepuffs).

Haha, whoops! Definitely not sexual. I'm not sure the Shadow has the... Uh.. equipment

Hmm, yeah probably not that one then.

I have two potentials, although the second one is maybe a bit misleading. When I say misleading, it's spot on, but it's all from Kelly's POV, rather than the Shadows. These were both developed for PitMad a few weeks back.

Psychologist Kelly breaks her Reality Filter & discovers magic is real. Doubting her sanity, she must fight an ancient Shadow intent on killing her favourite patient or she will lose her bf, her life, & worst—her job.

An ancient Shadow sees Kelly as a new challenge. When she offers herself to him freely, he’s ecstatic, but quickly realises his mistake. She’s a psychologist, learning she has powerful magic of her own. 

Hi Eli, Welcome to the Townhouse!

Lovely to see you here. Pull up a pew, grab a coffee and a slice of cake *checks time* a gin and tonic.

That's what I'm thinking. I've got a long list, and a short list. I might start with the long, whilst holding out for the feedback. 

Ah that's a shame. Hopefully you'll get some good news soon!

Cheers Rick, I think yourself, Caron and Lynn have all confirmed what I think I'd been leaning towards. 

Much appreciated!

Thanks Lynn, that's exciting, congratulations!

My 1-2-1 isn't until April sadly, so I think I may start sending out one or two queries, and just see if there is any love. 

Marvellous, thank you so much!!

Thanks Caron, all excellent points, thank you. I was going to query her anyway, yet when I saw her name pop up for the 1-2-1, I jumped at the chance. I don't know if she'd be interested in my MS anyway, however she is SFF, so her feedback will be important anyway, regardless.

So yeah, probably full version, then, as it's feedback that I've booked her time for. She's tell me if she's interested anyway, I guess (again, no delusions, I know it's gonna be a long, tough process).

Thank you!

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