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Retiree who has finally taken her writing off the shelf. Just finished a languishing romance/mystery novel. Sequel in the works. New to all of this. Need friends of like mindset. My present friends and family don't have a clue who I am!


What's in a name? Angelica is Angelic. Nicholas, needed a nickname - there is an unintended pun there - Nicky. Greyson and Cassandra, are just plain old memorable. And that's what I wanted - characters who are remembered after the last page is turned.

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Hi Beatrice

Just discovered that we are "friends"!!  I'm just getting used to all the benefits of Jericho and this is certainly one of them. Cheers  Ellen

First MS off to 5 agents. One rejection. Will keep plugging at it. Working on the sequel and stand alone as well during the long wait. Can't keep a good woman done!

I just submitted my MS last week. At a loss for a book similar to mine, I opted for similar authors. Nicholas Sparks and Liane Moriarty. They are of my genre and also deal with hidden secrets.

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Hi Brigette, I joined about 4 months ago. The webinars are phenomenal. Everyone here is supportive. A  year in, I just finished my 1st novel. Keep up the good work.

Hi Ellen,  Welcome. Congrats on self-publishing. Attempting to reach out to agents for my first novel this month. If all fails, I shall seek your expertise in Indie! I'm in polluted Delaware, missing FL dearly, my previous home.

Amongst the leaves of the path, lay bleached wicker chairs with a past, waiting for their future.

I started my novel 30 years ago!!! Hated the ending, where the nicest person in the book was the killer, which caused me to steer clear of my own book all this time. It took the pandemic for me to rethink things and reinvent a new ending. Which I do love. So I'm a slow thinker! But it is now finished, finally, and going out for final proofing. Who knew a pandemic could spring forth inspiration.

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Absolutely. We are our best advocate.

I had a one-on-one with an agent that felt my chapters were too short. I did not consider this to be offensive. Apparently, she goes for the chapters long on words; mind are not. This is my writing style. If I was  writing War and Peace, well, then I would be missing the mark!

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Welcome, you fill find friends galore. The greatest believer in yourself - is yourself. We are all destined for greatness. God doesn't make junk! You can do it, girl!

I loved your book premise! I have an advantage over most writers, I am retired. So, finding the time to write is not an issue. I imagine, like the rest of the world, you have to squeeze it into an already busy schedule. Anything great takes time... keep at it! 

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