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I was made in the capital of (dying) USSR. They threw Armenian, Russian, Jewish, Ukrainian and a dash of Gypsy blood in my system, mixed it, shook it and voilà - here I am!  Six years ago I moved to France, living “between” two countries since then. I identify myself as a Russian with Western set of values.

As a writer, I tell female-driven stories. They’re outcasts from society’s pov. Living their lives guided by their own rules. Getting lots of sh*t for that. These stories are hilarious and sad, ironic and gentle. The tone depends on the "label" I'm exploring. (Label - a stereotype society tags women with, e.g. childless egoist, angry activist, disappointed men-hater, men-eater, crazy cat lady and more, much more). Preferable genres: literary and noir fiction... or a mixture of both!  

PS: English is not my native language. I write and think in it, but I also deviate to dreaming in Russian and swearing in French. Maybe that's my writer's voice!  

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Totally agree with you regarding practice, Karen. And good luck to you too! 

Hi Roger, 

I'm starting to read your screenplay today. I was traveling to Paris - first proper voyage since pandemic! - so I'm a bit late with my reading. 

The premise sounds very intriguing! 

I wholeheartedly agree with that. I think my writing reflects this (the “so-called popular interpretation of love” doesn’t make sense to me either). 

Thank you! Yes, the theme is very sensitive and I believe it should be addressed more. But with a great care )) 

Hi Roger. That's really exciting news about your screenplay / TV series. And I love the name! 

I'm attaching my short screenplay and yes, I'm taking James Forinton's advice and adapting it into a TV pilot. Thank you for reading! 

changed a profile picture 

I wish everyone to overcome whatever there is to overcome! And to re-discover that writing is a perfect (and healthy!) way to escape reality from time to time ))

And yes, I failed to meet my summer writing goals. (Super boring) work overload, endless sessions of anxiety are my (lame) excuses. But! I also had several a-ha moments resulting in writing crucial scenes for the novel. Summer writing festival was another highlight - and it gave me so much ideas and techniques to incorporate in my writing. 

So now, as a good student I'm going back to my writing. This time, though, I won't put the pressure on me. 

Good luck everyone with your writing goals and projects!  

Hi James, thank you for reading! I re-wrote a lot of this script, and of course it's not perfect still ))

But, I like the story and I think it's a great material for a short - one location, one character. And as one of the readers pointed out, it's potentially very interesting for an actress to interpret. 

It requires more work though.

PS: yes, I'm using Finaldraft. 

See, that's why I'm very cautious about webinars with publishing pros. I just know my fears would be confirmed! Ok, I may sound like a coward here, but I'm just staying away from disheartening confirmations of what I suspected. 

With all those talks about inclusivity, diversity and everything, one would at least hope that things are moving towards a change. 

PS: what are those "certain types of fiction?"  

I refuse to accept that it's August 😄 

Anyway, I started everyday writing routine in mid-July (I don't know what propelled that, it just happened) and I really want to continue doing so. Perhaps, I'll manage to finish the 2nd draft 🙏 

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