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Let's start by letting me beta-read for you.

:- )

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“It might be a microbe,a strand of lost nucleic acid,a molecule of enzyme,or a nameless hairless lit…
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  •  · Ah, thank you, Bob, for catching that dropped word for me!  And the spelling error (sometimes we can…

I think we've all got something that can trigger us! LOL

HA ha that's me talking chickens. Or Paso Fino horses. Someone, please shut me up LOLOL.😂 

OMG I grew up on an old Roald Dahl book I found at summer camp -- Great fun!

Sometimes picking a different template makes it easier - every design seems to work a little differently.

Haha and I have Paso Fino horses because I'm afraid of heights (really!) But they are also great, great little powerhouses. What kind of horse did you meet who is 16+ hh?

My cat would gladly help me out with that, by jumping onto the table if I forget to close the laptop lid and delicately dancing over the nice warm keys until hitting 'delete all.'  Yup.   😲 

I love this. I haven't been reading back on the topic, but whether of not it's appropriate for the story, I love this.

Curious, Robert, could you please show us examples of action beats? I have no idea what that means.

Maybe it's blunt, but it could work, if the next paragraph explains it. ? For instance:

'I didn't love my mother.

Sure, I know. I should have. Everyone should love their mother, right? But there I was, suffering through my eighth birthday party while she fluttered nervously around the room like a top about to lose it's spin. It was so obvious she was forcing it all, when it just clicked, and I knew right then, from the emptiness inside me, that something was missing. And in a strange sort of way, I'd been freed."

Yeah, I know this example is lame, but certainly someone here can take the premise and work some magic, lol.

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