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I'm the Courses and Mentoring Assistant at Jericho Writers and I also help out Holly, our Head of Community, on a part-time basis, so you might see me chatting on here a lot! I love to talk about all things books and writing, and outside of work, I run my own blog and bookstagram. 


Hi Erin! Thank you for sharing your thoughts - you definitely raise some important points about trusting the person who is giving you feedback. The right support is definitely needed as writing can be such a personal experience. Glad to hear that you found the webinar useful and looking forward to hearing how you get on with your WIP 😊

Hi Jane! The advice that Sarah.Lambert has given you above is correct. Harry generally advises approaching 12 agents and to take another look at your manuscript if you don't hear back. This blog post might summarise things nicely for you: https://jerichowriters.com/how-to-get-a-literary-agent/ and you can also get in contact with our Writers' Support team at info@jerichowriters.com if you have any other questions 😊

Hi Erin and thank you for sharing your thoughts! Really glad to hear that you found the session with Olaf so useful. Have you thought about giving the free version of BeemGee a go to see how you get on with it? Might be worth a shot but writing software isn't for everyone! 

Completely agree, Mark! You can't decide which scenes need cutting if you never write them in the first place. 

Hi Blakeney, as others have suggested, I think this is related to your browser settings rather than Townhouse itself, but if you're still having trouble it might be worth getting in contact with our Writers' Support team at info@jerichowriters.com to double-check 😊 

Thanks for sharing this encouraging news angela.errington 😊  Every rejection is one step closer to that yes!

Hi Cat, as others have suggested, the agent probably just wants to see something equivalent to a CV. I would ask the agent to clarify? Hopefully, they can give you a clearer picture of what they want 😊 

Hi Janet, it sounds like you've got a really strong marketing plan here, I love the sound of your online interview and reading. I'm so glad to hear that you found Anna's approach so enlightening. Looking forward to seeing you at SFOW 😊

Hi Karmen Spiljak 😊  I agree with Janet Savin that a video reading one of your stories would be a great idea! I know for certain that you can automatically generate captions on Instagram TV, so that would be an easy way to make your video accessible if you are particularly worried about your accent. But I'm sure your audience will just be happy to hear your story! 

This is lovely feedback Karmen Spiljak - thank you for sharing! Really glad that the Jericho events have made you think differently about self-publishing. Please do keep us all updated on your journey 😊

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