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I am a young woman with an incorrigible passion for writing and a ridiculous amount of self-doubt. I am hoping that, this time around, I can cultivate confidence in my own abilities and ideas, and soon find myself with a published book in my hands. Here's to the empty page in all it's intimidating potential!

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Hi Janet,

I loved your reply, thank you so much for taking the time. Something about Normandy (France, in general, really) speaks to me of poetry and emotional depth. It feels beautifully haunting. That could just be me romanticizing, having never been there, but I like to think it's because of its rich history. 

My current WIP has decided to go back to its original setting but Normandy still has a hold on my heart and I feel it may pop up in a future novel. Is it strange to feel connections to places we've never seen?

I'm sorry for the late reply, life utterly consumed me for a while but I am officially back.

Thanks again!

Thanks Sarita! You make valid points. I actually just bought that book and am looking forward to reading it.

Thank you so much for your thorough reply! 

As I said above, my plot decided to twist back to its original trajectory (unruly thing, as it is) but Normandy still feels like a future setting for a future novel... whenever that comes to be. I will definitely follow your advice when it does.

Thank you for your reply. Even with such a small amount of information, I feel like you provided a visible picture. You never know what the future may hold! ;) 

Hi D.M.! 

I apologize for my late reply, life needed my full attention for a couple weeks there, but I'm back. 

Thank you so much for your kind offer! My plot seems to have turned itself back around (and around and around) and my protag is no longer going to Normandy - that feels like a future novel. 

Is this crazy whirlwind of "this is going to happen, no this, no this." normal for the plotting process? I've never plotted before and man, it is a trip and a half. 

Either way, I will definitely keep you in mind for when I decide to write that second novel ;) thanks again for the info!

Thank you so much for the critique, David! Your comments were on point. I'm heading into a third hard edit this afternoon and will definitely be applying some of them.

Yes please, Anjilize! 

So sorry for the late reply, life swept me away in its busy arms but I'm back.

Hi L, thank you.

At the risk of sounding totally naïve, do people do that? Create fictional cities in real countries written in realistic fiction? Oh, how much I have to learn.

I definitely want the setting to play a role, as it is the place my protagonist's maternal grandparents are from and there's going to be a strong connection across time. I'm thinking I'll need to know what kind of foliage grows there, the landscape (yes to looking up all the images), house structure, village scenes, proper names of castles, regions etc.. I guess that's my question answered though... google, google, google.

Just uploaded my second edit. I'd love to hear your thoughts :)

Just attached the second hard edit! It changed a lot... I'd love to hear your opinion on the added backstory bit. Too much? 

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