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I am a young woman with an incorrigible passion for writing and a ridiculous amount of self-doubt. I am hoping that, this time around, I can cultivate confidence in my own abilities and ideas, and soon find myself with a published book in my hands. Here's to the empty page in all it's intimidating potential!

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Hello again,Here's another little one page story where I make an attempt at exploring emotions in a …
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Hello!I've just finished another short story. Theme - spiritual, very much about observing internal …
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  •  · Hi Miriam,Very nice writing and I like the set up and voice but what I wanted to read was the main c…
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Hello everyone!I just wrote my first flash fiction/short story (I'm not really sure which - any thou…
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  •  · Thank you once again, Robert! I wasn't expecting such praise.The reason she grew curious is because …
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Hello everyone,I am just posting to quickly introduce myself and meet some like-minded (and possibly…

Hi Allison, welcome. I've always loved the idea of visiting Scotland, it would inspire such rich writing! I'm currently working on my first novel... or, rather my 50th novel, seeing as I've never completed anything before. "Published Author" has been my dream job title since I was little. This one feels different though, with all the planning I'm doing beforehand, so hopefully it's the first of it's kind! I'm definitely open to as many tips and opinions as I can get, not to mention reading other peoples' works! Let me know where I can find some of your short stories.

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This actually did really intrigue me! And confuse me. It made me feel restless and impatient to have things explained. I feel that if it stayed so confusing, I would lose interest quite quickly. If enough of it was explained fairly soon, however, I see it as a very compelling start!

 Hi Libby, thank you so much for your comment! You really spelled it out for me in a way that made complete sense. Sorry for the late reply, life got a bit crazy there for a bit.

Your feedback is greatly appreciated :)

Hi, I'm so sorry for the late reply. Like I said to Georgina, life completely devoured me over the last couple weeks and I'm only now finding some extra space. 

I actually just love everything you said. You have given me a LOT to think about and I can see your words staying with me for many years to come. I know this is a rather pathetic reply but I honestly have nothing more to say. At least not until I start putting it into practice more fully.

Thank you!

Hey, so sorry for the late reply. Life devoured me over the last couple of weeks and I haven't had a moment to come back to the Townhouse! 

Thank you for your words! I'm only really beginning to truly learn about the complexity of emotions - something I'm not sure I'll ever fully comprehend. It's fascinating to say the least. :)

Hello Nekolisha!

I can totally relate to the discomfort of intimate scenes. For me it's watching, reading, writing and even being in them! My advice would be to explore how you feel in your every day life when such feelings arise - they are telling you something. I always find that diving deeper into myself and the reasons behind certain actions and emotions helps me progress in my writing. As writers we are, after all, simply trying to highlight the human experience in a way that inspires others to pay closer attention to it as well. It's only reasonable, then to assume that immersing ourselves in it would help us describe it. 

Good luck with both journeys, inner and outer ;) 

Thanks for the feedback, Rick. One thing I'm curious about is your "specificity vs. adverbs" comment. At what point does it move from being about style of writing to personal preference? I know that I love creative wording such as "Freya's heart thrummed wildly" much more than "her heart raced". My mind projects the image of hummingbird wings and the sound they make (perhaps this needs to be incorporated into the scene?). Now, I'm not sure if I'm simply being naïve and inexperienced in that affinity or if that's simply my style but perhaps I will look into it more.

Thank you for pointing out the disconnect of Robin. This is a scene from a novel I'm aiming to complete and I forgot to simplify it into its own story. You also completely enlightened me through your observation of the "motion without movement" piece. (I had a "duh" moment, I'll admit). That has now been edited for more affect! 

I appreciate your reminder to "slow down" as well. I definitely got swept up in the scene and felt like a whirling dervish even while writing it. Through your feedback I've realized the power of savoring certain moments instead of trying to bulldoze through them in an attempt to keep the reader engaged. 

To be honest, I don't even know how to begin editing, but I'm sure that kind of confidence will come with time... and practice. Thanks again! 

Fair enough, thanks for the feedback. I was working with something called the third emotion, or the unexpected emotion. I was trying to portray the conflict of emotions Freya is feeling... rage, hurt, betrayal, confusion and even some excitement because she does still have fond memories of this human and a part of her does want to see him. But obviously if that isn't conveyed in the story, I probably missed the mark. 

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Hello again,

Here's another little one page story where I make an attempt at exploring emotions in a raw, engaging way. Open to critique, of course! A work in progress, as always... and so is my story ;)

Yes! This is what I need to learn; how to take the emotion from my body, to the page, to someone else's body. Like follow the dots. Thank you for your comment! I'm definitely in learning mode.

I just finished reading Every Scar Has a Story and loved that one too. It pulled me in and confused me in the beginning only to provide me with an "Aha" moment when the truth about her came out. Your word usage is magnifique. Very stirring. 

Thank you for the book suggestion. I've already ordered it and will start reading as soon as it's in my hands!

Thank you also for the encouragement. Sometimes it all feels incredibly overwhelming and I need the reminder that such is often the nature of beginnings. Still, I feel more committed than I ever have. 

Wishing you all the best and incredible success with your novel!

Hi L.

First things first, I read your short story "Salt and the Raw Flesh of Fish" and don't even have words to describe how flipping amazing it is. My story is painfully dull and empty in comparison. I don't say that with any self-pity, just pure recognition of how much better I'd really like to get. You've officially become a role model, hope that's okay! 

Thank you so much for taking the time to critique my story, I found your feedback to reflect my deeper knowing as well. That kind of validation is going to help me trust my instincts more, I'm sure. 

Even though I've been trying to write my whole life, I don't feel I've ever really learned how to bleed raw emotion onto the page in a way that hooks readers. Some childhood thing about certain feelings being acceptable and others forbidden blah blah blah... I obviously have a lot of learning to do, and that is perfectly alright. 

Thanks again, I can't wait to read more of your work.

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