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Hello everyone! I'm looking for some feedback on my synopsis for an adult interracial romantic suspe…
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  •  · Thanks so much for that! I really abhor writing synopses...but I'll keep trying and working on it!
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Hi Everyone! I'm new to Jericho Writers and I'm excited to be here! I write Interracial contemporary…
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  •  · Thank you Jo!

Thanks so much for that! I really abhor writing synopses...but I'll keep trying and working on it!

Thanks! I'm in the middle of rewriting the novel after Beta reader feedback which highlighted the issues that appear in my synopsis! hahaha basically the whole middle-end felt rushed as well so I've taken that thread and weaved it into the story. The plot is the same just the elements that surround it are more evenly spaced out. Thanks so much for you feedback :-)

This is very true. Everyone has their own ambitions. I'm not a literary writer and I don't like to read literary fiction. It's just not my cup of tea. Do I admire people who can weave a literary story? Yup, but I don't think that makes their craft any better than mine.

There's a sense of underlying elitism in the lit world and I doubt it will ever really go away, but that kind of snobbery tends to make people feel like they can't express themselves how they want. I've been there and I'm not afraid to write my fast paced crime novels or my cozy, non literary romances. I'm a straight forward writer, you won't need to analyse or use critical thinking with my work and that's how I want it to be.

I didn't take offense to the critique, that's the kind of writing that particular author likes. I won't be changing what I write to fit someone else's vision of romance. There's a reader for everyone and my ambition is to publish a quality book (quality doesn't always mean literary fiction).

While I love Smashing Snowglobes, I think Lost Coast would make a better title for the type of novel you've written :-)

 I've been looking heavily into Self-publishing after the self pub month here as well as a few of my writer friends are indie authors too. I really like the sense of control being about self publishing. I already work with an editor, I have a small but loyal readership and  the best part is, you can always save a project for trad publishing! I think self publishing is a good learning experience as well. It just costs money up front...that's what I'm struggling with but there's so many resources out there! I think everyone shies away from Self publishing because of the marketing aspect, but as a trad author depending on who your publisher is and how much money they put behind your book, you'll still need to do your own marketing in some cases. So, I don't know, either route is hard. I think you just have to pick your hard 🤷🏾‍♀️

Well that's just really unfortunate that Ingram does that! I was considering looking into IngramSpark and going the self-pub route, I'm not too bothered to get into bookstores as an indie author but goodness...that just seems shady

Bahaha!!! Yes I've learned to understand the 'Ull accent! I studied in Newcastle so I was used to the Geordie accent which took me a minute to get my head around lol

Hiya!  Draft is going well, it's with my beta's at the moment so just waiting for feedback to dive into edits again! lol Nice to meet you too!

Hi Jimmy! You definitely have! Nice to see you here too!

Thanks so much! Yeah I'm finding the community to be so helpful too! I joined JW because I wasn't getting anywhere with my queries too so I'm hoping this wealth of resources will get me at least a partial request one day! Good luck to you too!

Thanks so much for this! Yeah the romance plot is pretty predictable, but I'm trying to weave the thriller/suspense bit in more so these comments really help. I need to go back and just write the main suspense plot and work my synopsis around it bc I think the SAF stuff is dropped in too late and you're right about Arnold there's nothing connecting him to the SAF in this...🤔Thanks for getting my brain working on it! 

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