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A newly married college student who has been writing for nearly a decade. Not yet published, but with the help of Jericho Writers, I hope to be soon. On top of creative writing, I love the visual and performing arts, I play the piano, I draw, I sing, and I am a huge dork. 

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That sounds like such a cool idea! I love it when you're not sure how sane the main character is. An imaginary friend they believe is real is definitely something that needs to be told in first person!

In my experience, it has a lot to do with having solid characters and world-building. If you let your well-developed characters do the talking, including all of those things might come naturally, (at least it does for me most of the time.) The way your character describes the world and events around them will vary depending on who they are, what they've experienced, and whether or not they are native to the setting and culture. 

There were a lot of big words in there, but I think I understand. Thanks!

Well, my main character I want to narrate in first-person because she's mute. I feel like that will be the best way to get into her head. 

I could do the second character (love-interest) in first-person too...but I'm not sure I'd like how that feels. That almost seems more confusing to me. 

Tell me about how you're doing it. Maybe that will help me decide. 

Dunno if you get the weekly emails from Jericho, but this week they announced an opportunity to submit to a publisher coming up in December. I've decided to enter my most recent novel. So I too may have been off more than I could chew since I need to go from first draft to ready-to-publish manuscript in like 3 months.

Haha! I love that superpower! I always aim for a spot next to one of those shopping cart areas. That way, I know where I parked, and I don't have to search for a place to put my cart afterwards. 

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