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Writing is my passion. I would rather type in my Sci Fi erotica novel than sleep. What is this phenomenon known as writer's block? I have never known it before. Do you write erotica? Contact me! I am interested in critiquing other erotica, and connecting with the writers. I would love to learn new techniques and converse with people who are as passionate about writing as I am.


Hi Jo! Yes I could use some more beta readers. I was thinking of running my book through Grammarly. Do you find this tool helpful?

Help! I need advice about getting beta readers for my book. Here's the hitch: it's SciFi erotica. Not appropriate for all viewers. But it's not just smut, there's a good story there too. I'm sure my book will blow your...

Well. You get my point.

        Synopsis for The Xyancy Generation. SciFi erotica by Rebecca A Rettenmund

Attempt 7

Xy pulls Deyu into a closet. He has to show her something. And it's not the kind of thing planet Thix, with its strict anti perversion laws, would approve of. When he pulls down his pants, Deyu took a peak. This is after all, the most desirable man in the world. Even though he's only nineteen years old, Xy saved the planet from corporate oppression. Citizens of Thix know him as the Standing God. 

There on his hip, he bares a tattoo; Deyu's family crest. It proves that Xy got permission from Deyu's father to pursue her. The voice of his unborn daughter nags him in his head. 

Ask her if she wants a boy or girl.

Dufke question. No one on Thix ever wishes for a girl. It's a sign of weakness. With the help of his daughter Poenivae, he follows her voice to the Holding Room where his children spawn. So Deyu gives birth to a son.  

The jealous X boyfriend confronts Xy and makes him admit that he faked his mark. In order to ensure the safety of his son, Xy tells the X that he never actually got approval from Deyu's father. And that was especially unfortunate since Deyu's father is dead. 

However, telling the truth doesn't keep Xy's son safe. The next morning, the baby is missing. According to Thix law, a couple is supposed to be mated before having children. If not, smugglers steal the child from the home to be sold to the human slave trade.

In the smuggler's market, Xy gets seduced by a PleasureBot in order to gain access to his missing son. The android tells him to push her purchase button, then she would send him anywhere he wants. He finds out where that button is... the hard way. Xy and his son manages to escape with the help of a replicator gun; a weapon that can fire anything a person can think of. Though it takes quite a keen mind to shoot land mines out of the barrel instead of lemons. 

Despite the controversy, Xy and Deyu go ahead with the mating ceremony. Society splits into two factions; the Traditionalists that believe men should get the father's consent, and the Xyancy who believe people should mate out of love. At their betrothal night, Xy and Deyu make out  on the top of the Layered Castle. A woman snaps a picture, capturing the taboo moment. Kissing in public is strictly outlawed. When the picture goes viral, the couple is thrown out of their hotel for being perverts. A Xyancy member cuts the tattoo off his hip to honor Xy. The Authorities have the rebel publicly executed. 

A riot breaks out. Traditionalists drag people out of their homes looking for marks that had been cut off. Among the hostages is a high ranking diplomat. Xy assembles a team of warriors to quell the violence before it triggers a war. They bring a new weapon; a smoke grenade that alters a person's memory. The enemy tries to contain Xy and his allies with portable force fields. Before one of Xy's allies is executed, a rogue warrior throws a knife and takes the enemy down. Xy picks up the knife and looks at it. That Damascus blade... It's the same kind Deyu's family uses in their kitchen. Du'Cha! The roque warrior is Deyu!

As the battle continues, an enemy executes the diplomat. Xy unmasks him, and finds out it's Kroge, the leader of the Authorities. Xy corners Kroge in a restroom, and threatens him with his raging weapon. Poenivae stops him before he does something he'll regret. 

Xy gathers his allies in a tight group and activates a force field around them. Outside the barrier, a blank bomb detonates, altering all the enemy's memories. Kroge and all his fighters now think it's six months ago when the war had just ended. The world reverts to a time of peace. 

Xy and Deyu return home together, their passion ignites with negathermal fire.  

Ask her if she wants a boy or girl.

Returning to the Holding Room, Xy picks a son who will bring music to the world. Unfortunately, his mother is not Deyu. When Poenivae finds out her father intends to cheat on her mother, she castrates the ShamePit from the inside.

However... Book 1 of Star Wars, could that stand on its own? Obi Wan let Darth Vader kill him, because Obi Wan claimed he would be more powerful than Vader could ever imagine. How can he prove that if you never see Book 2? And Luke only barely started to use the force. Is it satisfying enough to know he can only barely weild the force when Darth Vader was left alive at the end? I'm just saying, maybe Book 1 isn't always tied off so neatly.

Point taken. Perhaps I am wriggling. I feel like I should either take out the affair entirely, or reveal who the woman is. If I reveal her real name, then you would know why the main character can't have that affair. This change is acceptable. Thank you for your wisdom.

What if I said, the woman in question has an alias. And in book 2 you find out the woman was always there in book one under another name?

Funny thing about bad guys... the reader thinks they are all ugly. A beta reader imagined my bad guy as hideous looking, simply because he competes with the main character. I find this humorous, because I do the same thing when I read books. The writer has to remind me over and over that the bad guy is in fact attractive, otherwise I keep thinking he's got a big nose and a waddle.

Hey, a beta reader brought up this question. I split my book into 3 books. The first one mentions a character at the end, as kind of a cliffhanger. The main character thinks about having an affair with this new female character, but doesn't go through with it. (The reader doesn't even know her real name) Is that not wise? How complete does book 1 have to be? Maybe I should have isolated the character in Book 2, where her story unfolds and gets resolved. After all, Harry Potter doesn't mention Cedric in the first book, but he becomes a main character later.

Synopsis for The Xyancy Generation Book 1, scifi erotica 98k words 

Attempt 6 

Planet Thix outlawed casual intimacy. All Xy knew about the vulgar act was through speculation and rumor. The dating landscape was in some ways more difficult than war. In order to pursue a woman, a man had to get her family crest tattooed to his hip. The only way to get this mark was by permission from the woman's father. Then the first time they ever touch each other, they were required to mate in a bag in front of all their friends and peers. 

As Xy watched the couple wrestle in the mating bag, it occurred to him that this might be more than just a wrestling match. All his life Xy had embedded memories of one specific girl. Deyu. The mating bag triggered his visions to become more obscene. Once the visions showed a decent girl, now Deyu was a naked woman posing in provocative positions in his head. In the audience he spotted Deyu in the flesh. 

But how could he pursue her? He needed her father's permission first. And Deyu's father was dead. That wasn't the only barrier between them either. In their first intimate encounter with each other, Xy and Deyu had to battle their social fears. Xy thought all women were stupid. And Deyu thought all men were out to rape her. 

But Xy was not an ordinary man. He was changing. He grew up studying warrior moves that aided him in winning the Holy War against corporate oppression. But now he seemed to be going through some kind of puberty that enhanced his mating appeal. He could talk to his children before they were born. He had an aphrodisiac in his saliva that gave him irresistible kisses. He could read minds by putting his palm on a their forehead. And his skin produced an optical illusion that made him the most attractive man alive. He used his alluring talents to entice Deyu into bed, and Jor was born. 

However, they didn't exactly live happily ever after. When a couple wasn't mated, their child got abducted by smugglers and sold into human slave trade. Xy tracked his son to the Smuggler's Market. The only way to get the child out, he had to go through a PleasureBot. When he pushed her purchase button, she would be his slave and tell him where Jor was kept. The button could not be accessed with a finger. 

Deyu and Xy went through the mating ceremony to protect Jor from being abducted again. Only now, Xy admitted his mark was faked. This split society into two factions: the Traditionalists that insisted that a man get permission from his mate's father, and the Xyancy that believed people should mate out of love. 

On their betrothal night, Xy were photographed engaging in lewd behavior. They were thrown out of their hotel. A Xyancy member protested, cutting his family crest off his hip. To punish the rebel, the Authorities had him publicly executed. Thix was on the brink of another war.

Deyu's family gave a speech on the news. They said they would accept Xy's mark, even though the father wasn't alive to approve of him. This made the Xyancy happy. The speech went on to say that they believe the mark is still meaningful. It showed that men were loyal to the family. This made the Traditionalists happy. 

War avoided, Xy and Deyu could now be intimate with each other without barriers. Their negathermal suits had fires on the fabric that burned cold. The colors of the flames changed with the temperature, so they could paint the fire with their rising heat. 

Xy's next son was Kabric. He would bring music and dance to Thix for the first time. Trouble was, Kabric's mother wasn't Deyu. When Xy tried to cheat on Deyu, his unborn daughter castrated him from the inside. 

Yay! I would be so happy if you 'had a go' at editing my synopsis. Go ahead and be harsh. I have no idea what I'm doing, and I need direction. Go ahead and attach a .doc to my email: That would be great. Or, if you have a better way to share files, I would love to know. I'm still pretty new to Jericho.

My name is Rebecca A Rettenmund. I am normally a member of the Sci Fi group, but someone said I might get more feedback if I send my synopsis here. 

Synopsis for The Xyancy Generation - Book 1 (attempt 3) A sci-fi erotica novel, 95k words

Thix outlawed promiscuity. If a man wanted to mate a woman, their first physical encounter was in a bag in front of their peers. 

Watching a couple mate in a bag was quite a shock for Xy. In the audience he spotted the woman of his dreams. Who was this woman? He had seen visions of her his whole life, but he didn't know her name.

A voice in his head spoke to him: Her name is Deyu.

Xy pursued Deyu, but their were many forces against him. When Xy tried to kiss her, he was beaten with a cudgel. 

However Xy was not an ordinary man. He had a aphrodisiac in his saliva. He could read minds. And he had an optical illusion in his skin that made him look like the most attractive man in the world. Xy showed Deyu he bared her family crest on his hip. 

Ask her if she wants a boy or a girl.

The voice in Xy's head was his daughter Poenivae. Xy was not allowed to talk about his unborn children. Poenivae wanted her mother to chose a girl on her own free will. Daughters were considered a burden to the family. If Deyu wanted a girl, that would go against Thix tradition. Deyu chose a boy.

Xy followed Poenivae's voice to the Holding Room. This is where potentials were spawned. A potential will fight to the death to get born. With Poenivae's help, Xy chose a son. Jor. 

Couples on Thix had to overcome horrible rumors. Women think all men were trying to rape them. Men think all women were stupid. Using aphrodisiac kisses and other alluring powers, Xy was irresistible to Deyu. 

Deyu got pregnant. When parents were unmated, a smuggler would abduct the child. Deyu's family  discovered that Xy's mark was faked. Xy admitted it, thinking that it would save Jor from getting abducted. He was wrong. 

Xy tracked down the Smuggler's Market to save Jor from being sold into the human trafficking trade. The only way to find Jor's whereabouts was through a PleasureBot. He pressed her purchase button, and blanked out. When he woke up, he found Jor in a vehicle awaiting transport. Xy brought his son back home safe.

Xy and Deyu got mated despite that his mark was fake. This broke society into two factions: the Traditionalists who believed men should get permission from the father, and the Xyancy that believed people should mate out of love. 

Deyu's family made a public speech to try and contain the fighting. They would except it that Xy didn't get the father's permission as long as he wore the mark to show his devotion to the family. Both factions were happy, and the violence stopped. 

Ask her if she wants a boy or girl.

Deyu chose a boy again. In Xy's dreams, he went to find his next son. Kabric shocked the Holding Room with the world's first rock concert. No one on Thix had never heard music before. 

However, Kabric wasn't Deyu's son

When Poenivae found out Xy intended to mate with another woman, she was furious. She blew up the Holding Room. Xy was castrated. Poenivae's voice disappeared, and music was silenced. 

In the end war had been averted. Deyu's family accepted Xy as a member of the family. He's sterile, but he still had one heathy son. The family crest got a rebirth: it no longer stood as a corporate brand. It stood for love. 

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