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Hello fellow writers,

My name is Barry Powell (Baz) and I wrote a fantasy adventure story then sent it off to a few agents. After receiving polite but generic rejections, I decided to join Jericho Writers.

I promptly delved greedily into the video tutorials and found that my MS is far from finished. Feeling a tad overwhelmed, I thought I'd join Townhouse so I could see what other authors are up to.

Thanks for having me.

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Hello, Emily, welcome aboard. It's always nice to see an American who appreciates the blighty-ness. Best of luck in your endeavours.

I can relate to this. I'm not tech savvy in the slightest so it took me a while to suss how this works. I've posted questions in the past then had no idea how to see if I'd had a response. (I get emails about almost every activity here so I'd struggle to click on them all) I've since learned to look at the notifications occasionally for info like replies but that took a long time. I bet I'd win in idiocy points. 

This is it! This is exactly what I needed to hear. OK, I didn't hear it, I read it. But that's not the point. I've never not worked in labour intensive jobs and I've only ever written stuff for fun. For 20+ years it was songs, then for the last few years it was my story.

I AM going to keep the thought of world domination in my head, as unrealistic as I know it is, but I'm not going to dwell on it.

I like my job. I'm good at it. But I love writing and I'm excellent at it. At least, that's what my mum told me. Mind you, she also said that I'm a handsome chap so she was obviously full of sh... beans.

Anyway, good call Harry. That was probably my favourite Friday email, not just because of the message, but also because of the lovely story. Cheers. 

Hi Sarah, the link doesn't work for me. I don't know where the problem is but if it helps I'm using my phone.

Hi Helen, I'm with Georgina. My favourite is definitely Culture, Chaos and Cock-ups.

Desperate Dilemmas and Money Mayhem certainly conjures intrigue but it sounds clunky in my head.

I much prefer the Hapless title over the Hopeless one.

Diversity Challenge & The Horse's Tail is a close second fav.

Good luck on the next (insert number) drafts. 

That's great, Karmen. What's really got my mind racing is the bit about food being used as a murder weapon. Poisoning or choking springs to mind but now I'm thinking about those overgrown vegetables dropped on someone from a great height. Or maybe over cooking a particularly sharp carrot so it becomes really hard and stabbing someone with it... the possibilities are endless. Well, not endless. I've only thought of two.

Awesome, Jez! I hope you didn't lose too much sleep during your anticipation of your one to one. I know that I'd be cacking (shitting) myself in that situation.

I have to say, I love "Nerves hit me like a navies sledgehammer" even though it's irrelevant to your feedback. If it's ok, I'll be pinching that in future. (In the pub, not as written narrative.)

Good luck. 

Uh oh! I've never given it any thought for my current project. (Novel or novella depending on the editing.) I've written songs and poems but it didn't once enter my head to think of rhythm for story telling. 

I think I'm in way over my head.

Added a comment to Microfiction 

This is beautifully written. It's the first time in my 44 years on this planet that I've been interested, nay intrigued by knitting.

Hi Jo. I don't think there's a rule against posting a link here. (I'm not 100% sure) I'll certainly have a gander when I get home from work. Look forward to reading it. 

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