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Let's start at the very beginning.

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For seven years she had fed and clothed a child she despised. With war looming, could she lure his f…
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  •  · Hey Richard!Love the title of your story. I read your chapters and I think you have the beginnings o…
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That night he had been lucky. This time she must not fail. 
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  •  · hi Richard,Jon's already given you some very good detailed feedback, and I'm a novice writer so I wo…

Hi Kate, Cormac McCarthy is a go to author. At present I'm listening to Blood Meridian on audiobook. He evokes a sense of time and place which I've never come across before. Characters are perfectly drawn, and minute details do not seem boring. There is also the border trilogy, or all the All the Pretty Horses. Or if you prefer a twentieth century crime/history story. I'll send you the first 3 chapters of my novel. (A Whisper of Crows). I admit it does need polishing, but I like to get some feedback. Contact me on messenger if you are interested. Regards Richard.   

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Hello Jennifer. The easy way, is to place it on peer to peer critiques. You can either write it out in longhand, or attach it in Word or PDF. I'm not sure about any other systems. Hope this helps      

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Hello Richard, Yes, it is very possible to talk to Netflix direct. You have to know a producer first though. They are very open to receiving queries and book proposals or sometimes ask for just a "synopsis" to get a feel for what you're selling. They love True Crime presently, but of course are open to any "quality" writing in most genres. I have a connection with one Netflix producer. Her daughter also works for them. Do NOT send them manuscripts. Start with a short query, if they respond, they will ask for a synopsis or proposal so be prepared to follow up. Good talking with you Richard. Robert Bruce Woodcox

I like the cut of your jib sir. I was wondering if it would be possible, to approach the likes of Netflix with a completed novel? Thus by-passing traditional options.
Regards Richard.

Hi Caleb, sounds interesting. Willing to give an overall impression, and pick any glaring errors. Like to swap. Just give you a rough idea of my novel. Historical fiction 84000 words. Set in Kansas/ Iowa during 1941/2. (No war yet). Seven years ago a German woman kidnapped Reinhard Heydrich's baby and fled to the states. Heydrich the mastermind of Hitler's assassination murdered her lover and she has waited patiently for revenge. With war looming she writes to Heydrich wife telling her she will kill the kid soon. The F.B.I. become involved can they stop her and Heydrich before events spiral out of control. Contact preferred through the messenger portal.

Thanks Richard.   

 Come on, if it was Richard Osman from Fairmile Comprehensive he wouldn't have got a look in. Old school tie, Oxbridge, television personality Do I need to elaborate? 

Is this going anywhere? 

 'Okay are you ready boy? you've got five minutes to draw blood. If you don't make it. You've got another five minutes to get off my property before I come after you. We touched gloves. As Charles Stanford Cutler III made his way to his corner he called out to me. 'Remember I've got the ear of the Caudillo you can easily disappear and no one would be any the wiser. Zelda if you please introduce the contestants.' 

While we waited for Zelda to extricate herself from her deck chair, I took a look around. Why would a multi millionaire choose to live in a dump like this. The house was little more than a single storey shack with a one window to the right of the front door. My guess, from the size of it there were three rooms, and from what I could make out no electricity or running water. As I studied it more problems came to light. Part of the gutter had broken away from the roof and hung down at an angle touching the ground by the front door. Most of the hooped roof tiles discoloured by age and bird shit were beyond repair. I could go on, but Cutler's voice made me look round.

'Come on Zelda, it's hot out here.'

Zelda climbed the steps by the corner post pulled up the top rope and somehow managed to enter the ring in a rather elegant manner. But what surprised me was her attire. She looked like she had just walked out of Macy's front door. Her clothes were immaculate from her pristine white buttoned up tee shirt, to the bottom of the pleated over the knee cotton skirt there wasn't a speck of Spanish dust .        

Hello Phil. Thanks for taking the time to read it. Many valid comments. If you go to messenger I'll go into more detail. Also I've read your opening chapter, will discuss. Thanks Richard

Hi Paul. Doing something wrong on this messenger thing. Tried to reply to you, but it dumped me out. Could you load first three chaps + synopsis again and I'll have another go. Richard 

As above Jon. Intriguing, opens up a myriad of possibilities. Hope you're feeling better 

Hi Paul, sorry about the delay, been busy for the past couple of days, trying to find petrol.(or gas if you live in the states.) Anyway this is the second book in a trilogy. First one dealt with the assassination of Hitler and its aftermath. Shelved it for now, needs a lot of work. There will be a sequel to this one, starting soon. Enough about me. Tell me what you're working on would love to read any WIP or anything you've finished. After I've sent this, can we talk on messenger? Regards Richard. 

Thanks Paul, Opening scenes, difficult at best especially in thrillers. The need to balance settings, against beginning the action can be mind numbing. I must have rewrote the first page a dozen times, and I'm still not entirely happy with it. I've taken on board your suggestions and it makes it flow better. The book is finished, and if you're interested I'll send you the complete MS. But I don't want to burden you if you're busy. Thanks again for your time.


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