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Cost is the problem for me too, which is why I devour all the free stuff I can find from these two. Mark Dawson's SPF org. does a free to watch YouTube video every Friday (the Self Publishing Show). Bryan is doing another webinar about email on Thursday 23rd. If you sign up to his newsletters, you get links to the free webinars - along with the advertising and publicity for his books and the BestPageForward services (his company). But you can always ignore what you don't need.

Hope this helps, if you don't know all this already.

Hi Rob (and Susan?). Re. Author websites.

I watched this webinar live a short while ago and although there's a lot of repetitive hard-selling, which you can skim through, there are some interesting insights into how to collect subscribers via a website or without one. 

Rob, you might like to look into using MailerLite's single sign up landing page for authors instead of an entire website.

Replay only available until 30th June, then they'll take it down.

I'm finding social media a pain too. Can't get followers on Facebook or on Instagram. Just a sad, lonely woman with no friends.😢

Susan. Remembered this which may be of help when you start designing. I watched it because Stuart uses Wix, but there's a lot of useful info. in the interview whatever platform you opt for.

I've always used Wix for our museum and am building my author site on there too. They have lots of help available and blogs of all sorts of advice. Contact forms and emails, including auto emails. And look at their templates for creatives. There are a few simple ones for writers and several which are easily adapted for authors. Even if you don't like their templates, it's worth looking at them for ideas before you start from scratch - which you can do. You can buy your domain through them. The system also guides you through optimising your finished site for search engines - SEO, so you get found by Google, etc.

Congratulations Karmen. When you first told us about your stories a while ago, I thought the concept was brilliant. So glad for you.

Just read the description on Amazon. What an intriguing story. Well done and good luck.

Hi. Co-incidentally, I found out about this last evening after watching Stuart Grant talking about website design on an SPF webinar. He cited your site as an example, so I took a look and discovered the books.

Ah. Perhaps I misunderstood and this is about violence against your MC and not by her. In which case, if might be good to take Brigitte's advice and do that google search and, if that's what it is, striking the balance could be difficult.

Guessing a lot here, without seeing your work. Will wait until I read it.

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