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Currently working on my first novel, well, the first one that will make it to submission ;) It is commercial women’s fiction based in the Yorkshire Dales. I made the long-longlist for Friday Night Live at the SFoW :D

You can also find me on Twitter: @teresamcdonell

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Trying to locate fellow Yorkshire folk who have been on webinar chats and would like to connect. And…
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  •  · Hi everyone. Pudsey and Farsley are next door to each other, so me and Jenny are practically neighbo…

Hi Julia sorry to hear about your vision, all other advice given is great and also try looking off specifically to a far horizon so your eyes get to focus on a different distance, that can help too. And of course your favourite tipple will make none of it matter for a while ;) Hope it’s better for Day 6!

Hi Patrick, I might beat Harry to it....but Jericho organise 1 to 1s with agents and book doctors - I've had both on several occasions and its by far one of the most useful experiences I've had with my writing to date. You can find out more here: https://jerichowriters.com/our-services/121-support/agents-book-doctors/

Good luck!


Congrats Jon! I loved your 101 words :) what a nice bit of validation to boost your day! Best wishes for all that's to come.

Voted :) I loved your synopsis, K.T.! What a great competition, thanks for posting this. Maybe I'll submit one too... :)

Hi Philippa nice to hear from you - yes, I love driving around and seeing the names as they are all wonderful! There's Galphay, Kirby Malzeard and Risplith not to mention Fellbeck and Brimham Rocks. And that's just one area of Yorkshire, Nidderdale to be precise. I live in Wharfedale. Thanks for reminding me of how great these names are :)

Whereabouts do you live in North London? I lived in Bounds Green for a short while but mostly south, Battersea Square and Borough just behind Tate Modern. London has some cracking names too. Pimlico always makes me think of a packet of sweets for some reason!

Thanks for this post, Sarah! It’s a great follow up to Fiona’s SFoW session last night ... just yesterday I filled out my occupation as ‘writer’ on a form. Eek! The recipient of the form knows I’m writing a novel and is very supportive but not sure if I’d be open enough to write it anywhere else 😆 I’m not ready to field the questions that might follow! Something I am working on... 

Thanks for setting this up Brigitte! What a great way to connect up our global community ☺️

Hi Rebecca, I know where you are now :) my friends who I visit in winksley moved from birstwith some years ago and we moved them up there with their horses and of course drove through Shaw Mills :) I knew I remembered that name from somewhere! 

Congrats and well done, Caron! This is awesome news! Enjoy the buzz and definitely put this in your writer's memory/evidence bank of your success in writing - I just listened to the SFoW session on Imposter Syndrome and this was one of the tips ;)

Well done Julie! That must have been a joy to receive (only slightly less gratifying than a ‘you’ve been short/longlisted’ email). It has given me hope for future comps, let’s hope they take a leaf out of this comp’s book! ☺️

Hi Jenny great to get connected :D is it Pudsey or Farsley? I remember one of you or Sally were from one and the other hahaha

Hi Christine, welcome! You're totally fine in Eldwick :D Im just over the hill in Burley. I'll look into how to set up a group for us all. How cool there are a few of us on here now :)

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