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How do I force my laptop to give me an em dash rather than a bloomin' hyphen? I get the feeling this…
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  •  · Just to note this does not work/is not the same in older versions of word. :)
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Hello, Just looking for some gentle feedback for this, my first ever attempt at writing something.  …
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  •  · That made me snort laugh...

Fantastic news David! I trust all went well and that you are feeling better. Like Jon, I'm looking forward to seeing more from you! 

Yes and no. The links don't appear, but I think I've worked out why.  Think it's a membership thing.

Cheers Rick

I can't seem to find a link to this years summer festival of writing with dates and  what not... can see two for 2019 though...anyone with any ideas? 

Ouch.  I've clearly been looking at the wrong sites then. Hours of my life wasted.  I thought it looked weird, but not having a clue I've now managed to teach myself the wrong damned thing. Okay. If there's one thing I can do it is correct mistakes.  Eventually. If I don't throw my laptop out the window. Which I might. 

Added a forum 

How do I force my laptop to give me an em dash rather than a bloomin' hyphen? I get the feeling this is some default related, simplistic fix that I am just ignorant of. I've been trying to figure it out but it seems to involve a combo, like in mortal kombat. Is there an easier way, or do I just need to beat it into submission?  Any and All help would be appreciated.

I have no friends Robert.  I still don't like it 😂 . (I definitely did not make the romance comment) but thanks Jon, I feel a bit better now that no one thinks I did.

It was great.  Discussion?  It was probably just as well it was on zoom, at one point I thought there may be fisticuffs :) The play made me smile after a brutal day.  Well done bud! 

Looking for some advice concerning an arc or two. I don't do erotic writing, at least, not well and there are two arcs I am considering for a few secondary characters within my MS.  It is my hope to use either one, or both, to enrich character development, but I worry that one arc is just random erotica that doesn't really add to the story and the other too layered! Also, please don't ask me to post anything publicly... like I say I don't do it well!  If there is anyone out there that might be prepared to help out a prude with a dirty mind who can't cope with the internal conflict,  I'd be forever in your debt!

Hi Ida, 

It was more in relation to scene change to be honest, but I had originally started the scene change with the dialogue, which when I was reading it was not making any sense to me, and at that point playing around with it was infuriating... I think I've cracked it now though :)

Thank you so much for posting your advice.  I will sometimes insert the name of the person who is about to speak to lead dialogue when I have 3 or 4 characters having a chinwag, I hate using too much 'he said/ she said' so will sometimes also guide this in the actual dialouge itself (whether or not I ' should' is up for debate - but meh - it works for me lol) 

Best Wishes


Christa! You Angel!  I've been grimacing the whole way through writing with this awkward default :) Yay!


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