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Okay clever people.  I have a dilemma and need your help! My brain can't do it so I'm in need of ass…
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  •  · Maybe reading, The Talented Mr Ripley would help. 
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How do I force my laptop to give me an em dash rather than a bloomin' hyphen? I get the feeling this…
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  •  · ... but it does work in Libreoffice. As does changing three dots/stops into an ellipsis - same rules…
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Hello, Just looking for some gentle feedback for this, my first ever attempt at writing something.  …
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  •  · That made me snort laugh...

Thankyou Jordan for your comments. I've chosen to write in an era bereft of 'documented evidence' (or even oral story telling revisited in sagas that were written later in the medieval period!). It's difficult to get much information.... but I'm going for it nonetheless. I feel like an author that's come late to the saga telling game LOL Hope you have a lovely weekend. Best -Sus

Tell me about it Roger! So frustrating but also something I've taken the mick out of for some stuff throughout the MS. No doubt I'll have some scholar crying 'Ah! But!' hehehe read it 'n' weep!

Thanks Roger! I have read extensively online, my story has need of a Holmganga but with all the scant facts about it in it's earliest form I don't know if I'm getting the challenge and scene right. It's more an Einvigi/ Holmganga as it's to the death with victor taking everything belonging to the challenged party.

I read that over a cuppa... It's beautiful and real and so relatable I wanted to cheer! :) That's definitely me in a queue. I cannot tolerate entitled behaviour - registration be damned! Store staff need more people like your MC and less like the entitled scnarf (no that's not a real word, but it fits I feel) that was giving her a hard time. 

lol I just 'liked' my own comment meaning to like yours.... I'm not that big headed! I swear! The fact she recognises her own failings suggests she's trying to do better.... I like that :) Very relatable (not in the racism sense... I mean in general)

I didn't think so. I mean the MC appears to have been racist, but that doesn't make the writing racist. It is what happened and where your MC's mind went, and MC's aren't always  (sheesh they shouldn't be) perfect. Is this what you meant?

Good luck! It sounds interesting. Love the era. Hope to get a read sometime. :)



This made me smile after a bad day :) Thanks!

Oh how exciting! I'm super envious... let me know what you 'dig up'  :)

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