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Hi, I'm Kathy. I've been writing stuff all my life (I suppose I now come into the "senior" category!), but I'm now seriously writing a novel set in 1614. I've reached the editing stage, and had a couple of publishing people look at it (favourable, I think), but I don't seem to know how to stop editing! I've also got an outline for a sequel set during the English Civil War. 

In my spare time I have two dogs, and a horse, and their needs tend to take up more time than anything else. I've been following Harry's e-mails for a while, and finally decided to get more involved. The whole set-up looks exciting, and I certainly could do with any feedback and encouragement that's going!


Hi Julie, I've only just caught on to your story, but already I'm drawn in! I can't wait to read the whole thing. Good luck! 

Hi Harry, love your post, as always! I've been on farmwatch duties for a couple of weeks, so haven't done much writing. (I did manage a short story about a baby dragon! The dogs loved it.) So, back to the rockface! 

I used to do a bit years ago, mostly in the Peaks, but sometimes in Wales. Great fun, I loved it, but alas I'm not as fit as I once was :-(

Have a good holiday!


Love this idea! I look forward to reading everyone's suggestions.

I'm glad someone has raised this, I've been pondering it for some time! I suppose the most important thing would be to follow the agent's guidelines. It does look nice justified at both sides, though ;-)

Hi Georgina, I've just read your excerpt. I don't think it comes across as being particularly racist, but perhaps a rethink on the way it's worded might help.  We are all especially sensitive about giving offence these days, but in my view, if the encounter is sensitively portrayed so that there are no misunderstandings, I see no problem. These things need to be discussed openly, but with care. I was born in Paddington - a long, long time ago! - and there was a lot of racism then, not only people with dark skins, but Jews and foreigners from all over (even Scots ;-) ) but there were also some really nice people form all backgrounds. 

Mistakes happen, even when "colour" doesn't come into it. What's important is how they're dealt with. Try to see things from both sides. I'm sure you'll work it out!

I've just read your short story, Constance. I see you've had lots of feedback, but I just want to say how much it moved me. It reads just the way someone in that place really thinks (I know, I've been there!), and the rhyming, disjointed thoughts are spot on. It made me cry. Well done, it's beautiful.

I'm not just wearing a monacle, I've got blinkers as well! Makes you wonder why we do it, doesn't it? The only reason I can think of is the thrill of seeing your first book in real, physical format that you can touch, and say "I wrote this"!

Thanks to everyone who answered my query about beta readers, and for the suggestions offered.

Thanks for clarifying that! I thought they were people who really got tough with your work. So I can just ask my friends.....

Please excuse my ignorance, but I'm still a newbie. Can someone tell me, what exactly is a beta reader?

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