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A sucker for 'do it all yourself while desperately envying the extroverts for their ability to collab with others', I am a consistent dreamer with more ideas than I have time. 

Writing to me is more than just storytelling - it's how I breathe and process the world around me. My stories and genres are as diverse as my interests (YA, Historical, Childrens, Middle Grade, Adult, Comedy, Crime... you name it). 

I love meeting new people and talking about all types of things, so please feel free to get in touch and have a chat.

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Hi guys,I've been sending my manuscript out to agents over the last few months (such slow response t…
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Oh my goodness, thank you for all those suggestions! I had no idea about even half of them (I didn't even realise there are replays on past panels or that the JW team are willing to double check cover letters!)

I'll check out the podcast and see what they say. I have considered a professional MS assessment, but with the kiwi dollar being somewhat weak, everything is wildly expensive, so I can't help but hold back. 

But thank you again. I'll go through all of your recommendations. 

Janet - you are always so helpful. I love seeing your comments come through.

I am currently trying to publish in the UK but I have noticed some agents just don't accept anyone outside of the country - so it has been somewhat hit or miss. As for Australia, I have been considering it. I might just give a handful of last agents a final shot in the UK then switch. I just found that readership in Aus/NZ isn't very high, so going to either the USA or UK seems to be a slightly more secure readers market?

Hi Marq,

Yes, that's what I'm currently aiming for - publishing in the UK. I have found that some agents just flat-out don't accept anyone outside of the UK, but the rest I'm just trying because you never know.

The suggestion of posting some of my writing on the group for feedback is actually a really good one. I may actually do that within the next week or so. Thank you!

Thank you. That's really helpful. 

As you said, I've reached the point where I've decided to keep trying new things and writing new stories and just sending the first one out as something I do in the background. Instead, focusing my strength on the next project, which may be the one to get me the leg up, is what's important.

Thank you. That is actually so helpful and really encouraging. Sometimes something as simple as knowing one is not alone in these struggles is all a person needs. 

Now to head back through my covering letter and double check it all.!

Added a forum 

Hi guys,

I've been sending my manuscript out to agents over the last few months (such slow response times! I'm really developing my patience) but gotten several rejections so far. Is this usual? And if not, what advice could you give?
I've edited it a lot, I'm happy with my covering letter, it's been edited and I've had a lot of feedback from beta readers, so I'm just wondering what I'm missing.

NB: I feel I should note that I am trying to publish overseas as, being from NZ, there aren't a lot of serious publishing options here. Is that maybe the problem?

I got Stephen King which is hilarious as I put in an extract of the new children's/middle grade story I'm writing.
I certainly hope mine has a better ending than some of his stories!

Hi and welcome!

I'm new myself so can't give very much feedback or tips unfortunately, but it's nice to have another new name around.

Good luck with the move - it's always a lot of work, but think of the adventures ahead!

I haven't yet but that may be a very good idea. I'm fairly close with some big bookstores in Sydney who frequently get agents and publishers in. It may be worthwhile contacting them.

Hello Lesley! I'm fairly new myself, so welcome on this journey together!

It does have some lovely diversity on a much more manageable scale compared to somewhere like USA

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