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Milking a thousand cows and whipping my own cream. Finally! 


'To thine own self be true.' Relish the freedom!

Yes, photos please. And maybe a children's book(s) down the track as well. Fun! 

So true! Writing and editing are magic where time is an unknown word. Oops have I eaten yet?!

Enjoy your well-earned holiday by the beach, Harry. And keep climbing those rocks. 

Your insights and encouragement keep on coming.

Appreciate you!

That's awesome news about the Summer Festival being free to Jericho members. Super exciting news! Thanks, Harry. Very generous of you.

Words are special! I'm sure they help a writer with trauma. Wounds can be met head-on, pounded to the ground, and buried. Words bring the freedom to create a better world or set of circumstances. Words enable sunshine to break through the bleakest clouds. They can make us smile again.

Looks like your kids are having fun on that old wooden pallet.  Happy words for them to write one day. Cherished memories.

What's helpful is knowing I can self-publish. I don't have to write great literary art. I can write simply. I want my work to be relaxing and easy to read. I don't need a scientific background to write what I want to write. I'll let the scientists stick to their jargon and write their mumbo jumbo papers. I won't buy into feeling less than. I'll stay simple. This way I won't be blocked. I'll write.

Added a comment to Cover Reveal 

Huge congratulations! Love the cover! 

So true, Kate. Great point! Read to learn. And write to learn. There's so much to learn. 

If a book's crap, I try hard to get through it and generally make it close to the end. But then I usually shut the pages and put it down. If a book's fabulous, I devour it three or four times. I love to learn from writers who write novels I want to read over and over again. 

Great post! Gotta love writing to stick with it. Or crazy!  Hard work! You've sold me on self-publishing. Oh, the cauliflowers are the best down here in Australia.

Yes, find your treasure. And find the treasure that's buried within. 

Oh, I love this book shop. Wish we had something similar in Perth.

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