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I loved The Affair. I think this could work if the viewpoint each time was markedly different. It would take some getting used to from a readers point of view. But writers have attempted stranger things and got away with it.

They worked for me until this month. As you say not a massive amount. On a good month, I’d get £80-£100 off a £30 add. But this month I’ve barely had anything.

Maybe we should all list our characters vices and swap them around a bit. 

Well done, Hannah. I’m so pleased that you’re feeling better.

The train from Coventry to London is pretty quick so depending on the day and time, I might be up for this.

I did the edit and pitch course too. It was very good. I think you're right about word count as it can get in the way. 

I’m glad I started a new novel to do the course. It sounds like you’ve achieved a lot if you’ve rewritten the first two chapters. Wow. When I said 5000 words, I didn’t necessarily mean good words. 

I have songs that are relevant for my main characters. DI Amelia Barton’s was Various Storms and Saints by Florence and the Machine. DI Jack Kent’s seems to be Sinnerman by Nina Simone (Felix da Housecat version). No idea why - maybe because it’s got the word rock in it. 

Thanks so much Verity for sorting out my issue. 

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