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Hi Guys

Just joined Townhouse after completing the 'writing for children' course. Highly recommended.

I've also just completed the third draft of my Middle Grade novel (Floyd's long journey home) and in the process of self editing! Why do I always end up with more words when I do that!
The story is about a Yorkshire Terrier who is snatched from home by a Perigrine Falcon and dropped many miles from home. Befriended by three stray dogs, they agree to help him get home. Floyd has to face many dangers - a protective stag, a farmer with a shotgun, a raging river and finally the devil-dogs, Ronnie and Reggie. He also has to overcome the prejudices of the stray dogs, one who has a distrust for dogs of privilege and another who hates humans. Will he see his humans again?

Any thoughts on potential agents, or if anyone would like to read some of the story to offer feedback, would be much appreciated.

Many thanks


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Wouldn't it be great for the three of us to do a book signing together one day! Let's all go for it

Hi Lorraine

Thanks for all your comments. Great insights as usual.

Eleanor has assessed Floyd's Long Journey Home and the report was really positive. A few tweaks to make and I can start looking for an agent. Fingers (and everything else) crossed.

Hope you won't be blasted too much by the wind and rain!

Hi Max

Welcome to the group. I found Jericho editing services to be very good. Well worth a go.


Hi Deb

Took about 6 weeks to come back but very positive. Will have a zoom meeting too over the next couple of weeks, Just a few minor tweaks and it's ready to submit to agents. Hopefully I can get things done by the end of the month and start looking for an agent then. things get scary then lol.Had feedback on my query letter (not from Eleanor) and that's been given a big tick, so it's just the bloody synopsis now! Finding that hard!

One other question - not to be a pain! but whenever I've read what format the manuscript should be it always says align text to the left - leave ragged. Mine is justified! Should I change this or doesn't it make a difference?


Thanks for all you're help guys. Much appreciated. Let's hope I can put it all to good use lol


Hi L

Thanks for that. A great help. Bit of polishing to do!

Hi Julia

That's a great help. Thanks very much.

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I want to prepare my manuscript for submission to agents. I have tried to open the link on Jericho site but keep getting a bad gateway message. This has happened on several computers.

I've read that there is a preferred way to format a manuscript to encourage agents to read on (I've googled it and just seem to get more confused!). Also, does this differ between UK and US agents? Can anyone help with what this format should be please? Any links that could help would be great.

Thanking you all in anticipation.


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I'm not sure. I've only ever uploaded chapters

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Hi Pauline

You can share it on the home page or in forums I believe.

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