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Hi David and Debbie, i will happily buy your books and then you will have international sales!! Good that you are persevering in trying to get published - it is a hard line to tread between hope and disappointment.  I am veering in the direction of self-publishing more and more simply because I don't have to go through all the commotion!  The main job is the writing and you are both plugging away at it.  Voila!

cheers from the soggy west coast of Canada

hi Dave,

I've been a little sluggish lately for some untenable reason. I must get a sense of urgency again because when I write I feel so alive and like I'm doing what I'm supposed to.  Do you go for long walks in the fields to bring your mind to a receptive state?

cheers from the soggy west coast,


PS Do you drink tea and dunk biscuits into your cup as a little intermission as you cross the page back and forth? I'm a big fan of Yorkshire Gold tea which is responsible for any good ideas I have!

PPS Good for you for getting your work out there!

What a great back and forth I've fallen upon. I agree that a quasi hopeful rejection letter ( is that the definition of an oxymoron?) is a very good thing indeed.  It reminds you that you have written something and finished it and better still sent it to a live person, agent, publishing company!

  Bravo, I say. It is easy to become faint of heart as a writer, walled within your own words and dubious company, as it may seem sometimes. 

 Well done Catherine. I look forward to reading your prose.  Cheers, from Lorraine in Victoria, British Columbia

sorry to be so out of the loop! I just heard the CBC news about the British problem with lack of truck drivers which is affecting the delivery of petrol .I hope that you get it sorted out soon. Good to see you haven't lost your sense of humour despite the stress of it!

Hi David, so glad to hear that Eleanor liked it. You must feel happy to see little Floyd get ready to leave his snug home and make his way in the wild rambling world where he may bump into Humboldt and Archie along the route!! 

Cute and fun. Is the UK experiencing petrol shortages or a reduction of petrol stations?

In Canada I have been noticing less gas stations as there is a hope to move in the direction of EVs. Cheers from the rainy west coast - rather like English weather people say. 

Hi Dave,

Got to say, I like the simplicity of Floyd's Long Journey Home which has a nice rhythm to it.  And a sense of longing to reach home and some sense of danger implied, as it is a long journey!  these are my thoughts. cheers, Lorraine Still trying to get into Deb's files- awfully slow at this sort of thing but will persevere!

hi Dave, I really love it too. It is tender and evocative and stirs the heart.  The buildup of the movement in the woods and then the appearance of Brother is terrific! Keep on!


Hi Dave,

I've just read the first chapter above and generally like it.  couple of suggestions - "ambled painfully" seemed like a contradiction - amble suggests ease and relaxed posture not pain, in my mind, perhaps shuffled or another verb? I liked the part about old bones and sails flapping, original and vivid. 

" His old body ached like toothache" was not quite the right metaphor in my mind.  I like seeing all the characters back with each other. I also liked the spoof about Brother having visited the moon which I admit I fell for.  I thought the dialogue sequence could have been broken up occasionally with some description - even a few lines- to keep the reader connected more and help distinguish the characters, one from the other. Good on you for keeping on. I've been puttering around the second chapter of my sequel and must get myself dressed and out the door, so to speak!! cheers from Victoria BC where we are going to get blasted with rain and wind next week - atmospheric for us writers.

Gosh, the road to perdition is lined with good intentions! will do it this week!!



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Welcome Pauline. We are a friendly lot. I’m writing a book about Humboldt a misunderstood troll and his unfortunate encounters with a Babayaga, a Slavic with with spelling problems.

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