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I was a member of Townhouse's predecessor, The Word Cloud, almost from its inception until its death. I'm also a regular at York Festival of Writing. I've made many, many writing friends there. 

My usual genre is book group fiction, although I have also written for children. My writing is more complex than general fiction, but not deeply literary. Above all, I'm curious about people, voices, relationships and a sense of place. An element of fairytale or magical realism creeps into most of my writing, but usually stays beneath the surface. Don't look to me for dystopia: I can write about the depths, yes, but my outlook is positive.

I didn't start writing until I was fifty: unfortunately, that was fourteen years ago. Before that, I did a good deal of oral storytelling, both original material aimed at adults with learning disabilities and traditional tales. I have a published short story, was agented for a while and have been long listed for the Bath Novel Award twice, in 2016 and now again in 2019 for a different novel, but that elusive first publishing deal remains just that: elusive. It doesn't bother me too much: I write because I write.

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Hi Sarah and co. I managed to sign up to Townhouse first time using Gmail on Mac Safari, but I have …
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John T
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Hi Sarah and co. I managed to sign up to Townhouse first time using Gmail on Mac Safari, but I have two friends who are not receiving confirmation e-mails, and the link between them seems to be that they use Mac's native Mail server. I can pass on any tips you have to them.

Veronika Bond
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Hey John, thanks for joining the 'Fairytale group'. Your write up resonates with the 'genre' I feel drawn to, a mix of magical realism, fantasy, not dystopian or sci-fi, and definitely with a positive outlook. Congratulations for being long listed for the BNA (something I'm hoping to achieve with my first novel). I look forward to reading your work (if you want to share it). Where did you publish your short story?

Gerry Fenge
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Hey John, I like your write-up. Nicely thought out. Professional tone. (Maybe you used parts of it for cover letters?)

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