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New to Jericho, I'm a multi-genre author who has just finished my first draft of my first manuscript! I am also writing a NIF based on Fibromyalgia symptoms with sufferers from all walks of life, which I hope to have finished in the next fortnight. I love writing flash, short stories, and poetry. I intend to learn as much as I can, so I can apply what I've learned to my writing. I'm a flash beginner, having only discovered it about 5 months ago. In the meantime, connect with me - I'd love to increase my writing circle!

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Earlier this month, I returned to the Fibromyalgia Action UK website with a piece about surviving 'Blue Monday' as a chronic illness sufferer, with some support, and outside opinion for the method by which I manage to get through the period. If it resonates with you, please do let me know!

Thank you so much for your wonderful comments Brigitte C, I understand and empathise totally. It's so very hard to make yourself heard without seeming like you're trying to hijack the festive times and bring everyone down, when all you're really trying to do is make yourself heard, just as you deserve to be as a human being!

I sincerely hope you get through the period with loved ones who hear and understand you xx

Brigitte C

Thank you Maggie P for your kind and caring comments. I will definitely continue trying to spread the word and bring knowledge of this terrible condition forward in this country (UK). Thank you for your understanding.

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Have a read of my article, written for Fibromyalgia Action UK:

Please let me know your thoughts via the post or social media - would love to hear from you!

With thanks in advance!


Hi All!

It's Monday, which means it's time for my weekly 'Wins & Works' post on my Facebook Writing page. Just as it says on the tin, I post the past week's 'Wins', where I share what I've managed to accomplish in the previous week, and 'Works' covering planned events in the coming week.

It's one of my ways of keeping track of what I manage to achieve for the moments when I feel like I'm doing nothing but treading water. It's also my way of reminding myself that despite my health conditions, I somehow managed to get some jobs done, and it (sometimes) stops me from giving up.

Check out this week's if you have a moment:

Thank you Maggie! Your comments are so kind. I hope your friend is able to cope as her symptoms develop (not that I'm wishing them on her, but unfortunately, Fibro is a degenerative disease), I'm sure now that you all know her condition, she will be able to come to you for the support she needs. My plan is to push on with spreading the word, right to the doorstep of the General Medical Council, and have them look at this condition from the only perspective they should be considering, and that is of the patients.

WOW Julia! I am truly honoured that something I wrote would've impacted you so greatly. I thank you so much. I'm so used to this being my everyday, that I no longer think twice about it. I just approached this feature from the perspective of 'A Day in the Life'! Your comment truly means the world to me, so I have to thank you so so much for making me feel 'seen'.

I'm the featured guest blogger over at Enterprising Writers this week! Read what it's like to write everyday while suffering with chronic illnesses:


Newbie here and I was wondering if someone could help me? I can't seem to find the dimensions for my cover photo anywhere - could somebody help?

With kind thanks in advance!

Is it possible to find out the dimensions for the cover photos? I've been trying to guess but cannot seem to get it right!

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