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"It's not what the world holds for you 

But what you bring to it. "

- Anne of Green Gables -

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Hi there! I'm excited to say I have just booked my ticket for the York Festival of Writing in Septem…
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  •  · Hello! I'll be coming down from Scotland as well, on my own. But via Liverpool for the week before, …
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Hello there, I'm new here and still thinking about becoming a member of JW but from what I have seen…
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  •  · Hi there! I have just booked my ticket for the York Festival of Writing - anyone coming??The prospec…

It came with the confirmation of my itinerary, I think. Have you checked that?

A lot in some places and not at all in others  I suppose - the Minster will just about look the same ;-) We go to York at least once a year while in Yorkshire, it is my absolute favourite of all English cities ♡ I'll also take the train (coming from Northallerton) but haven't booked yet. Perhaps some of us could meet at York station and go for a coffee before making our way to the Festival site?

Yes, me, and I'm looking forward to seeing you there, Adoara! Anne

Hello Rosie, I'm glad you're coming and I can't wait to meet you! I'm tiny and also very shy and don't like going anywhere without my husband ;-) Plus I'm writing women's fiction/ romance, so we may have quite a bit in common. This is also my first time! I'm from Germany but I write in English now. See you!

Oh that sounds a lot less scary than ... now? Next week?

I'll have to sit down and rewrite that synopsis as I am currently rewriting the whole book after manuscript assessment - hoping to at least finish by August 15th!!! 

About Friday Night entries  - as I have just had my manuscript assessed and am working on it now to get it ready for submission, can I also use the first 500 words of my next book? I wrote the first chapter some weeks ago and think it would make a good entry. Or does it have to be from a finished manuscript? 

Hi Anna, 

No problem, I booked all of my workshops and one-to-ones last n8ght, so all fine.

I haven't received anything yet, no, so I suppose they are still open for people to sign up. How many people do you think there willl be at the festival?

There are three things I simply "inhale" - tea, jam (always homemade) and books of course! I remember reading Hugo's Les Miserables during my student days (well - nights, rather!) and cycling to uni after a night's reading. I still treasure the beautifully illustrated copy of Anne of Green Gables my American friend's mum bought me at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York when I was 19. And yes,  I love quoting Anne ;-) Just the one then -

"Isn't it wonderful when your imaginations come true?"

 I always have my well-thumbed copy of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice near me, if I happen to have nothing else to read, a couple of pages of this wonderful book will set me up forever  - I'm sorry,  I'm rambling. I could go on and on. I'm glad to even share my birthday with Jane Austen. I love books that take me away from the here and now - doesn't necessarily have to be Narnia. But I do love these, too ♡

I missed something there - sorry! Yes I know how it feels to have to write in German when your story is set in England and the characters feel ... Well, not English! I was lucky to have had four books published in Germany between 2008 and 2014, with a big Christian publishing house. The last one, Die Nachtigall, is historical fiction and is set in the village of Eyam,  Derbyshire,  in 1665/66, at the time the plague struck... When I asked the publishers whether they might want me to translate it in 2020, what with Covid reminding us perhaps of the plague (self-isolation, cutting the village off to prevent the plague from spreading...), they said no, so there was nothing I could do about that because, as Harry Bingham pointed out, it is not my book anymore, it's theirs! 

Before they said no though I made an attempt at translating the first chapter and I found it extremely challenging! Especially since I used the German people might have spoken at the time, leaning on literary models such as Theodor Storm, my favourite classic!). 

I also have one finished manuscript that never got published  - talking of dysfunctional families!! - which I am determined to use at some later stage.

Anyway,  I'm rambling! Sorry!

So I have abandoned German and decided to write all of my books in English now. After all, most people read English rather than German,  don't they? I know I do - I never read or watch anything in German if I can help it! Except Theodor Storm. 


Hello there, 

I think we might have something in common there - the family theme, the German bit, the love for York (and in my case, the North York Moors) - ... so I would be happy to hear more from you! 

We go to England as often as we possibly can and divide our time between Yorkshire and the Cotswolds,  Yorkshire being my favourite place to write (I am very privilegedhere I know! My husband took me and the dog over for a spontaneous but much needed writing retreat in the spring - just me, my laptop, and the Benny dog on the farm - heaven!). 

As we always travel by car and take the dog as well (being keen walkers!), we pass through the Netherlands and take the ferry from Hoek of Holland!

That's it from me, you take care, and if you should change your mind about York ....



Wait a minute - you are also a playwright?? I used to teach Drama and adapted/translated my fair bit of Shakespeare and Priestley. Used to love directing, too! Long time ago now ... 

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