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Writer. Lover of beaches, sunsets and sausage dogs. Currently sequestered in East Lothian. Writing a literary fiction novel set in South Wales.


Hi, what is the deadline for uploading material for agent 1-2-1’s? Thanks Margaret 

Hi Erika

No Airbnb in Stonehaven sadly but I used to live in Portlethen, just up the road from there.  My daughter spent some time at the RWCMD in Cardiff and lived in Pontcanna - great place to live but she's back in Edinburgh now. 

I shall look forward to meeting you in York. Feeling quite daunted at the prospect. 

See you soon


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Hi Zoe

I am a writing festival novice but will be at York assuming that the rail strikes don't completely with my travel plans. Aiming to arrive around midday on the Friday as travelling from Edinburgh. Am now in the process of uploading my material for the agent 1-2-1's so quite daunting. 

Took part in the JW pitch festival and felt a little deflated - 3 likes two of which were my children (lol). But I'm comforting myself with the fact that being Welsh I come from a land where ch, dd, ll, and rh are all single letters. A land of poets, singers, farmers, Welsh speaking sheepdogs; of chapels, choirs and miners who feared the sunlight; of Eisteddfodau and all they wanted were 240 characters! Still the discipline required to reduce story to 240 characters was worth while ( that's what I'm telling myself!)

Am writing a literary fiction novel with humorous overtones and hope to connect with other writers. So see you in York!

Best wishes


Hi David

I tend to agree with you there. I'm sure mine would have benefitted from such a process. Still at least I finally found the courage to press submit and now I can get back to editing the actual novel itself. 

Best wishes


I wish I'd seen this before. I've just uploaded my first 500 words to FNL.

Good luck to everyone. I'm looking forward to meeting you all in York. 


Hi John

Just something that occurred to me while I was editing my query letter. You're not really selling yourself you're selling the book.  When thinking about what to write with regards to your own personal history you could stick with why you are the one and only person who could write that particular book at this particular time. 

I found that helped with what I wanted to say. 

Hope it helps

Best wishes


Hi Lucinda, looking forward to meeting you and other writers at York. Very exciting and very real now!! 

Hi Elsie

My proposed FNL submission is a little longer than 500 words (actually comes to 532) does it have to be exactly 500 words or can it be a little longer?

Thank you 

Best wishes


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