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I'm Anglo-Italian and live in Turin. My dream has always been to write or paint, but my working life turned out to be completely different!    

I am a passionate reader: fiction, non-fiction (politics, economics, and human rights). I love humour, and I am a member of the Slow Food Movement. Having been born into a family with over 80 years of working on the railways, I am interested in railways and railway journeys linked to sustainable tourism. 

My primary writing project, a trilogy (I'm editing 1600 pages), has evolved over many years. From the outset, the theme has been deception linked to the morality of the privileged and entitled class in British politics. I am adapting the story to a screenplay for a TV Pilot. I entered a competition last year. Although I only reached the quarter-finals, I received positive feedback on the story idea and the main characters, suggesting that I adapt it for a TV series. Subsequently, I followed a screenwriting course, and I am working on a rewrite of The Silent Russian

I enjoy cooking for many friends and then consuming good food and wine in pleasant company discussing the day's politics. I frequently take periods of solitude in the nearby Alps, rural Tuscany or a farm in Umbria to concentrate on my writing. The above picture is a view from the farm that includes some olive trees two thousand years old.

I find relaxation and moments of creativity through cooking and preserving seasonal products (jams, marmalade, chutneys, passata, etc.) and the occasional alcoholic concoction!

If interested in the more boring stuff, you can find out more about me here:

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  •  · Libby, thanks for the information! I tend to read as broadly as possible. Enjoy the webinar!

My period in the Soviet Union started in 1990 but I was working with the Soviets from 1987. My periods in Ukraine were from 1993 until 1999  then 2003-4. 

I visited the site a couple of times but not as a tourist. Over a three year period, I spent roughly one week a month in Slavutich, the town built for CNPP workers after the accident. Unfortunately, I had little time for tourism. I later went back to Ukraine on another totally different project looking into the human trafficking problems. This was  from the perspective of designing EU support to institutions involved in preventing trafficking and those involved in helping victims. Of course those experiences have influenced what I have written about in my trilogy. All fiction of course. 

This is also partly replying to Jon Dixon. My sister often wondered why my mother from Lake Como, had given up given up a job with her actress aunt in the emerging fashion  industry of Milan. She met my father and moved  to a grim coal mining town in Nottinghamshire. Then my sister discovered that a soldier with same name as my father had been killed outside Rome some months before my father met my mother. So were my parents spies (highly unlikely)? However, after two years in Nottinghamshire, my parents moved to East Anglia. At the time, the region was still full of American and RAF bases. My father (a railway inspector) was involved in the logistics of decommissioning some of the bases. Churning those ideas around is how stories are created. This is a project I have in my bottom draw. A series of murders of USAF personnel on East Anglian railways.  

Thanks Eric. The Silent Russian draws on my Soviet Union experiences but I've been toying with the idea of something with a Chernobyl dimension - not the accident per se- more the intrigue. And there was plenty!

I've no intention of using the family history - too complicated! I use this kind of information to stimulate creativity, to bore deep into my memory and trigger ideas. 

Added a forum 

It is the time of year when one attempts to clear out the old, make resolutions etc. The process of clearing out the old can also provide ideas for new writing projects. Tucked away in the my loft were two boxes. One I had not opened since I moved to Italy from Geneva 25 years ago. It contained all my meeting/mission reports from when I was the EU-Ukraine-US  team leader for dealing with the social impact of closing Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant. I also have the flip charts from the first workshop that was held at Zeleny Mys. Very interesting stuff with plenty of political intrigue. The second box contained my mother's lap top (she learned to use a computer when she was 82) with stories from her time in Milan during and immediately after the war, including a large number of photographs of long lost and unidentifiable relatives. Fortunately two of her cousins are still alive, so maybe I can dig out some supplementary information. I can recall somebody from one of the Jericho courses I attended who had found interesting family information from the beginning of the last century. She had used that as a basis for her story.

I wondered if any of you out there have started "clearing up" and have found any interesting and stimulating material.

May I take this opportunity to wish you all a productive and serene 2022.

I realise that I posted in the wrong place. I hadn't seen the dedicated Merry Xmas forum. Anyway.

 Wherever you are in the world, Season's Greetings to all.

Many thanks for the information. I'll be having a go!|

 Wherever you are in the world, Season's Greetings to all.

Just followed Holly Race's webinar. Brilliant

Sarah, I love your description!  The year after my second NaNoWriMo, I followed the Jericho self-editing course. Thereafter, I went into isolation in Tuscany, the nearest village 4 Kms away. I worked (writing/editing) for almost 14 hours, interspersed with pilates, short walks and a diet of artichokes, carpaccio and fruit. Whenever, I reached 10,000 words of editing, I would treat myself to a good meal in a restaurant. I haven't watched TV for more than ten years, so that was not a problem. I didn't achieve all that I had planned at the outset but I lost six kgs. I wondered about writing a book on writing, exercising and dieting.

Keep on hanging on in there

I agree. It is an incredible feeling of immense satisfaction. I managed to break the 50,000 mark for two successive years (Parts II and III of my trilogy).  The difficult part is then getting it all into shape!  Apart from the concentrated writing experience, I learned something about the importance of routine and discipline. I can now relate very much to those who advocate isolating themselves from their families to focus on writing creativity combined with productivity. When I entered NaNoWriMo, I became a hermit in a mountain recluse!. 

Good luck with the remaining days!

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