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There are also two ARC services that might be worth trying: Hidden Gems: https://www.hiddengemsbooks.com/arc-program/ and Love Book Tours: https://kellylacey.com/love-books-tours/
Prices vary depending on what you go for and you have to provide reader copies either digital or some prefer print books to be sent.

Good luck!

Well done Karmen! What a fantastic endorsement of your work. If you are able to put your book on a temporary free download deal then Freebooksy is great - I got over 3000 downloads which has so far converted into about 50 reviews, but your book has to be free on the day of the promotion. It costs about $100 to place a thriller: https://www.freebooksy.com/for-the-authors/

Looks amazing Janet - well done! 👏

Many congrats Jane - looks very intriguing! I've pre-ordered my copy 👍

Laure - I finished your book this morning and I loved it! It is beautifully written, gripping, menacing and with richly drawn characters. The house, weather and forest all contrive to create a wonderfully consistent atmosphere. I've submitted my 5 star review and expect many will do likewise. Congratulations on a brilliant debut!

Really saddened to hear of this, watching the video, sharing the website and wishing you every luck in forcing the hand of Blick Rothenburg to do the right thing.

Can't wait to read it Laure - already have my copy on pre-order! Huge congratulations on what must be one of the most exciting weeks of your life! 🎉👏

So true, thank you for saying that Natalie. Whatever knocks we take along the way - whether trad or self-pub (or both) - it is so important to see these as learning experiences and will only ever make us better writers (for ourselves and our passion for what we do as much as for career success) and to become those better writers we just have to keep at it!

I have learned so much from my first experience of writing a novel and self-publishing it. It's been such a learning curve that has given me a great deal of satisfaction and that alone makes it worthwhile, even if there are some lows along the way. In fact, the very resilience it is teaching me is such a valuable quality to have if I'm to continue to write and to seek publication, or publish independently. Resilience itself is something that only develops and strengthens if you keep going.

Wow, that looks awesome! How amazing it will be for you to see that in the stores. I can't wait to read it Laure - have pre-ordered my copy! 🎉👏

It does sound like great fun! Sometimes it is so liberating to write in a totally different voice. It's amazing how it's possible to inhabit that voice and live it. It would be great if you could put your own twist on vampire folklore - a whole set of different rules that applies to them or something. Maybe with a nod to tradition here and there, but a new direction. 

Would love to see where you take it!  

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