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Working for an international non-profit I travel which I consider a beautiful gift in a job. It has taught me to have an agenda to work on in the event of an unscheduled disruption. There is no such thing as dead time and that is how the writing of stories began. I love reading and writing, and am a firm believer you should not only look but also see: If you can believe that any sign or person you meet on the road is a clue and are willing to face some, sometimes uncomfortable, truths about yourself, you will eventually find your own path. I have a soft spot for France, it’s culture, history, wine but above all its nature. I try to spend as much time as I can between its vines and green hills.

The first draft of my first novel is still in the making and I sometimes scowl at an empty screen, willing the words to appear by magic. No such thing but I’m learning. Fortunately, most days I just have a magic time looking at and seeing the world, and writing about it! Have fun all, C


Good morning David, there's an article on Jericho writers "How Many Words Are There In A Novel?" It gives some broad guidelines per genre:

"Crime novels often run a little longer than women’s fiction. So 75,000 words is fine as a lower limit, but anything up to 120,000 words is unproblematic. Truth is, as long as you make sure every single word counts, you can go up to 135,000 words without troubling anyone."

Hope that helps! Cécile

Thank you so much for your encouragement, Janet. I indeed do despair sometimes if I ever get it done. I like my fulltime job but sometimes I wish it out of the window. Your words are very helpful, and I’ll google Ruth  Stone later, thank you!

:)) You just made my day, thank you I was thinking exactly the same thing albeit with me closer to 8 years for a first draft that’s still not done!

Welcome Lesley! 

I have to watch the replay! Many places are wonderful but Dingle, Ireland where the people are welcoming, the fairies wink at you and the rain invites you to tread  softly ;)

Gorgeous and I thank the gods for it. The good thing is that it makes you realise there’s more than a digital world:) The recordings are a wonderful backup but attending live, even only online, still gives a bit of extra flavour. I find your life story very intriguing: academic writing is so different from writing fiction. How do you make that switch every time? Or does that happen with you naturally? The reason I’m so interested is that I often struggle to switch from how I have to write stuff in my working world, to writing pieces of my still first draft of my first novel.  I find myself using semicolons sometimes, not a good idea :)) Enjoy your evening, C

Nice to meet you, Christina. I attended last year too but missed quite a few sessions due to the ever so slow internet in the French countryside but who's complaining if you are there :) Enjoy and good luck with FNL!

Welcome Richard, stil on my first novel so very much a beginner albeit for a long time now 😂 enjoy the zoo here!

What Julia said: I need more than the help I can get 😜! So, I already bought my ticket😎 Unfortunately I couldn't attend half of the sessions last year, due to the slowest internet on the planet (French countryside). I hope to attend more this year, looking forward to it!

After Ricks’ “fetid pile of....” you so made me laugh with the “I don’t know then” 😂😂 thank you both, needed that! 

Hi Allison, welcome! I would love to be in Scotland but I’m on the other side of the pond dividing my time between the Netherlands and France. I’m still trying to finish my first novel. Enjoy the Townhouse community 

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